June 30, 2011

Saving tons and tons of cash, helping the environment, and caring for your baby

Cloth diapering.

Here are some interesting figures: http://www.diaperpin.com/clothdiapers/article_howtosave.asp

Parker has been wearing the same cloth diapers since November (age 4 months). For all 28 diapers, my wet bag, my diaper pail, and my diaper liner, I have spent apprx. $200. If you visit the above link, you'll see how much you'll spend on plastic diapers during the course of your child wearing diapers. My diapers are all in excellent condition, and I'll be able to use them with my next little one. I have no clue how we afforded diapers with Lily. Looking at the aisles of Target now, I am shocked. Those things are pricey!

My water bill has not increased but maybe by a dollar. I wash 2-3 times a week.

Not to mention, every time I change a cloth diaper, I am keeping one more diaper that is not going to degrade for over 500 years out of a landfill.

People worry about it being gross. I have a pretty weak stomach, and I have no issues. All you need is a diaper sprayer by your toilet for poopy diapers. All the diapers go into the above mentioned diaper pail with the washable liner. You just dump all the diapers and the liner into the laundry machine.

Finally, I have to add that Parker never gets diaper rash. I have brand new tubes full of Destin if anyone needs them. The only thing that touches his skin is cotton and fleece. And no nasty chemicals.

People say that cloth diapering is what people did back in the 70s because they had no choice. But it's easy: There aren't any pins. There are snaps equavilant to those on a baby's onesie. Even Shane can snap them. Or even easier-there are ones with velcro tabs.

Save tons of money, keep diapers out of landfills, keep chemicals off your babies skin. I have never ever once regretted switching to cloth.

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