June 28, 2011

Parker's Birth Story Revisted

We arrived at the hospital around 615 the morning of Monday 6/28. I got signed in, and I went back to get ready. First, they took my blood pressure and monitored the baby. All was going well. Then the nurse had some big white bag/blanket thing that I had to put over me to heat up my body temperature (the way she explained it, it was good for recovery?) I had never heard of it. I also got my IV. When I was laying there, I started to get really hot and claustrophobic, and I think I freaked myself out a little. People kept coming in and introducing themselves to me, nurses, etc. But I just felt a bit freaked out-this was really happening.

I got wheeled back to the operating room, and Shane had to wait behind. I was then really freaking out. I got my spinal, and things got weird. It's so weird not being able to move/feel your lower body. I felt very very out of it. I got some oxygen, and they put in the catheter (which I didn't feel, thank goodness.) The next thing I knew, the doctor was there, and someone ran to get Shane, who had suited up in his scrubs and grabbed the camera.

The whole process seemed to take awhile. I felt really really tired and generally out of it. Shane watched the whole thing and took lots of pictures. Parker arrived at 8:16 am weighing 7 lbs., 5 oz. He came out SCREAMING. I cried when I heard him cry. They brought him over to meet me, and I got to kiss his little cheek.
After I met him, they took him to the nursery to get cleaned up, and Shane followed. I had to hang out in the OR to get stiched up, and then they wheeled me to recovery. I wasn't in recovery long at all. After less than an hour, I was wheeled to my room. My mom and my sister were waiting for me. After what seemed like forever, they FINALLY brought Parker to my room so I could nurse him. He actually latched on right away.
Lily came by in the afternoon to visit. The rest of the time at the hospital was a slight blur. We had lots of vistors-including Shane's parents, his grandmother, his sister and brother, my dear friend Katherine, and Shane's uncle, aunt, and cousins. I finally got up the next day, and it was slow process, but I walked a bit and took a shower. I was so glad when we got to go home.

Note: I just re-read this, and while I was full of joy and happiness, I have to encourage anyone who has a c-section not to let their baby be gone getting cleaned up in the nursery so long. I had to wait almost two hours to nurse him after he was born. Needless to say, I feel like I missed out on some bonding time, and while we have an excellent bond and nursing relationship, I will be putting my foot down next time!

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