December 3, 2012

Oh well, I'm trying!

Yes, I still want to blog. I love it! I love reading about the cute stuff Parker did when he was 6 months old, and I love remembering all of Lily's birthdays. Unfortunately, I am just a terrible blogger these days.

So, sigh.... Let me try to update you and myself. Everything is going just fine, it's just very busy and slightly more stressful. We have our hands in so many different things right now.

I'll start with the house. Things are going well, our chickens are still giving us fresh eggs every day. I almost feel like I am STILL adjusting to having Duke, the now 8 month old Rottie. He is very sweet, but he has so much energy, and sadly, the kids never really took to him. Shane isn't home often enough to really take care of him, so along with the chickens, turtles, etc., I am the sole carer of the dogs as well. I wish I had more time to walk Duke, but sadly, with the two little boys, I don't. Nonetheless, he is growing and is a beautiful dog. Luckily, we have an amazing fenced in backyard, but I do know that he (and Oscar) get bored.

In other house news, we have finally completed our basement. It is finished-with carpet, and sheet rock, and paint, and a full bathroom, and two closets! We have really increased the size of our house by at least 1/3. The new playroom is so great for the kids stuff. I need to take pictures very soon.

Ok, so the kids... Lily is doing absolutely wonderful! She is loving second grade. She is so smart she has already met some of her goals for the year. We are trying to encourage her to read for fun more often as well. She finished her softball season and was awarded "Most Aggressive Player," hehe. She is such an amazing help to me and an excellent big sister. She is asking for a guitar for Christmas... I can't wait for her to take some lessons.


Parker is your absolutely typical two year old. He is very naughty when he wants to be, throws tantrums, and everything belongs to him. We really do accommodate him too much because he is so temperamental and strong willed. He is quite the middle child! But, he talks like he is about 5, and he melts my heart with the cute things he says. Oh, and I must add, he eats absolutely nonstop. He loves us all very much, and he is very attached to his sister and even his little brother. He has been nothing but kind and loving, albeit occasionally a bit rough, with the new baby. He is still in diapers, but we might start potty learning after the holidays. He has a brand new toddler bed, but he still sleeps in his beloved crib every night. He also had his first bout with pneumonia this year and a double ear infection, which broke my heart, but after his first ever round of antibiotics, he is all clear.

Easten is my sweetest little angel. He is smiling, cooing, laughing, holding his head like a pro, and trying to roll over. He still wakes up at least once to eat at night. He nurses on demand throughout the day. He is a bit spoiled and loves to be held, but when we're not holding him, he will occasionally sit in his bouncy seat or on his Boppy lounger, as long as one of us is playing with him. Easten has been sick for a good portion of his short life! He recently was on a nebulizer, but he seems to be doing better. My sweet boy... his big sister and older brother bring him all sorts of germs. Nonetheless, he fits absolutely perfectly into our growing family. We are all smitten by him!

I think that is a good update. We are busy with's never a dull moment and there never isn't something that needs to be done! Shane has been busy with school, attempting to get his master's plumbing license. His test is today, so please pray! We are getting ready for my aunt and uncle from Cape Cod to come stay with us in a few weeks, and we will be visiting Helen. The day after Christmas, we fly to my dad's in NJ for 5 days. Easten's first plane ride. I may feel scattered and stressed, but I really am blessed with so much more than I ever deserved.