July 25, 2011

Parker's One Year Checkup

I feel like Parker hasn't been to the doctor in forever, which is a good thing. I just checked and it was over 5 months ago. Today we had his one year checkup. It went pretty well, even though Parker fussed literally the entire time, and Lily brought in a 4 foot long toy snake to play with, who she said was named Jacob. Sigh... and they still both got lollipops at the end!

I met with a new doctor in the practice, and I really like her. She loved the amber beads for teething, and she loved that we were still breastfeeding. She encouraged me to breastfeed for as long as I want, which is so insanely refreshing. I was so happy to hear that! The cloth diapers were a big hit too, haha.

She said Parker has lots of teeth for his age, and she felt two more coming in. She gave several other natural teething remedy tricks, including freezing washclothes, and putting frozen fruit into mesh feeders.

She was pleased with his walking and his vocabulary, which I thought was small, but actually, she said was great. As Lily and I were listing all the words he says, I realized the list is a bit longer than I thought-but he won't say a word on command if you beg him! He will say "Dada, Mama, Lily, Dog Dog, ball, uh-oh, no no, thank you, baby, and deer," but only when he wants to. He also only grunts when he wants more, even though I say "More?" about 50 thousand times a day. He also understands lots of words that he doesn't say, like yum yums for food, bye bye, outside, bath, nurse, etc.. We also discussed his tendency to be a bit demanding and high maintenance, but she said that was ok too. He is a mama's boy after all.

Parker weighs almost 21 pounds, and he is 29 inches long. So...not bad news, but the doctor says she is concerned about Parker putting on weight, even when using the breastfed baby growth chart. The boy eats all the time, but I am really going to work hard on making an effort to offer him wholesome but hearty meals. He does tend to snack alot and not eat huge meals. Shane and I agree that doctor's may always find SOMETHING, and its often stress for no reason. I just want him to be as healthy as possible. I even thought he had a little pudge! Today he ate yogurt and cereal for breakfast, mac n cheese and some organic cookies for lunch, and organic sweet potatoes and white beans for dinner with another organic cookie for dessert. He drank some milk and some water too. He could eat more, but he was pretty grumpy, so I didn't push it.

Everything you ever wanted to know? :)

Lost My Six Flags V-Card

25 years old (well, 26 today, hint hint!) and never been to Six Flags. Well, that changed last Thursday when we took the kiddos to Six Flags. Growing up, DH had Season Passes most summers, and knew the roller coaster's twists and turns by heart. He finally introduced us to the wonders of Six Flags.

Most of the people with us had Season Passes, Lily had a free pass from school, and Shane and I got 50% off tickets. So it was very economical as well. We got a bunch of the $13 cups that you got refills for free the whole day (we were all so Diet Coke-d out it wasn't even funny!)Us Mahaffey's are quite cheap, thrify, smart!

I've been to Disney World countless times, and while Six Flags doesn't even compare to the MOST magical place on earth, I was extremely refreshed at the very short lines for the rides. It wasn't nearly as crowded as the Magic Kingdom is! Lily got to ride ROLLER COASTERS (I can't believe she was tall enough!) Parker even rode a few rides in the kid's area. I actually rode Batman and lived to tell the tale (and I loved it! I screamed louder than Shane's 9 year old cousin though!)

We went with Shane's aunt and uncle, their two kids and three friends, and Shane's sister Lanay. It was insanely hot, but luckily, we got to cool off at the mini water park-Skull Island.

Being there reminds me of how much I love Disney World though. We took Lily when she was three, and I hope to plan an amazing family trip there in the next couple years ,when Parker is big enough.

Here are some shots from the day...we went totally redneck with cutoffs, wife beats, Shane's makeshift tank top, and for some reason, Parker lost his shorts half way through (but he was in cloth, so he was still super cute!)

July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Because I am stuck on the topic of breastfeeding, my booby baby after his first time nursing.

July 19, 2011

Breastfeeding Isn't a Dirty Word

My blood has been boiling for over 48 hours. Maybe one day, I'll be one of those chill moms, who doesn't care. Go with the flow, chill, and just enjoy everything...not care about idiots. So this may be a bit long winded, but after this morning when I couldn't gather all my thoughts, I had to get it in writing somewhere!

I saw this post on a DJ's Facebook page, who I was a fan of about his wife: "Stacey is appalled by a woman at this restaurant that is breast feeding her child that has a full set of teeth."

Ok, here are some of the worst responses:


"That is crazy!!!!!! Are you in a third world country? If so, it is ok."

"Ahhh, ya. I would be too. Nasty. It gets to a point that it's not for the child anymore, and instead is replaced by this misguided belief that she is helping her child. Nasty!"

"kid prolly standing up to her tit... is he wearing a bib or using the restaurants dinner napkin? it's all about etiquette."

"I thought they banned this....they need to."

"Some people need sterilization!!"

"Ouch! Not while we're eating ladies, please. Don't get me started on the child's age."

"hope they crank up the air & he starts chattering. that's nasty."

Most people's suggestion? Go nurse your baby in the restroom. YES, for real.

Here are my comments:

"These rude comments are appalling and totally uneducated. Are you as disgusted to see babies/toddlers drinking bottles or sucking pacifiers? Breastfeeding is a way to feed or comfort a child, the same as a bottle or pacifier, and women shouldn't have to go to the germ filled bathroom or their car to feed their babies. And babies don't realize, Oh I have to wait to eat. An older child who still nurses may understand that, but a full set of teeth has nothing to do with it. Look the other way and get a grip. There's no need to stare at something way more natural than a bottle. Its hard to keep a blanket over a baby while nursing. Babies dont have blankets over their heads while drinking a bottle. Breasts were made to feed children. Society has Sexualized them so much, and thats Why you are uncomfortable. Would staring at a half naked picture Of a model while you're eating make you "sick" or "disgusted"?? Give me a break. Breastfeeding IS allowed in public and restaurants everywhere so get used to it! And before everyone starts in on how this child wasn't a baby, I get that. I'm just responding to an array of idiotic comments. The sterilization one was probably the most outrageous, so pat yourself on the back for that load of crap!!"

I actually called in and was on the radio this morning too. I didn't get all of my points across because it was early, I hadn't had any coffee, and I was nervous and shaking like a leaf and watching Parker and Lily play on the stairs. But it felt good to serve as a representative for breastfeeding mothers.

I hate to break it to everyone, but breastfeeding is not gross, inappropriate, or sexual. It is one of the most natural things a woman can for her child. It is more natural than bottles and formula. God made breasts so that women could nurish their children. It makes you uncomfortable because you are uneducated about breastfeeding or you are equating the breast to sexuality, largely due to society and the media's influence. It is so so SO sad that the United States is so uncomfortable with breastfeeding. If everyone didn't act so weird about it, we would save millions of dollars by not supplying formula through the WIC program. Even doctors are paid to encourage mothers to try different types of formula samples. It is sad and pathetic that we think breastfeeding is weird, when, in actuality, formula and bottles are extremely unnatural. We would also have healthier children who are less likely to get sick or become obese.

Furthermore, many children do not stop breastfeeding at the magic age of one. Children breastfeed for nutrition, comfort, and bonding with their mothers. Teeth have nothing to do with it. When Parker got his first teeth, he did bite or time or two, and people would say, "Uh oh, he has teeth. Time to start formula." Uh, give me a break. Saying ouch! once or twice did the trick.

Parker is 12.5 months and still nurses at least 5 times a day. When he doesn't eat well during the day, I'm glad I can nourish him with breastmilk, instead of having to supplement with something like formula. He gets everything he needs from it. He is very healthy due to all the antibodies that I give him through the milk. He is comforted and knows that he is safe. Just as a pacifier, blanket, or bottle that many children have until they are 3 or 4, breastfeeding serves as a calming and comforting tool for him.

I don't know how long I will breastfeed him. He is more inclined to nurse when he first wakes up and when he goes to sleep. He eats lots of big people food. He is a busy little boy with his toys and his sister during the day. But he still nurses, and I will not go through some forced weaning scenario just because people think its "gross" or like they just arrived in "some third world country."

If you breastfeed--I encourage you to do it in public! Make everyone aware that it is not gross, perverted, or weird. It is the most natural thing you can do, and one of the best gifts you can EVER give to your baby.

Also, I know lots and lots of people who give their babies formula. I would never talk ugly to them or stare at them in disgust or make judging misconceptions about them. I am still respectful of them, and people MUST respect nursing mothers. I do however, try to encourage every expectant mother I know to at least TRY breastfeeding. I didn't breastfeed Lily, but thanks to two VERY special and dear friends who gave me tons of advice and offered support, I have had a very successful breastfeeding relationship with Parker.

The most skin I ever show: (this is actually the first nursing picture I have ever posted of Parker)

Edit: I almost forgot-I'm linking up with Toddle Along Tuesday!

July 18, 2011

Speaking of Growing Up

Big news. Parker is walking everywhere. Legit toddling everywhere-does that mean he is now a toddler? I need to post a video soon of this said walking. Also:

He's been to a major sporting event...

He's tried to drive the car...

He is beating up little babies at Walmart...

He is wearing shoes for about five minutes...

He even got to play at the play place at the mall with his sister...

Showing off his adorable booty...

These kids need to slow down. Or I'll just have to have another baby. :)

Ah, one moment of regression. The child who hasn't had a bottle of pumped breastmilk since age four months gladly chugged down some milk that his gracious sister put in a bottle for him. The bottle has since disappeared.

Loosening the Reigns

I feel like the older I get, the more paranoid parent I become. I hate it when Lily spends the night away from home and I worry about her almost the whole time. I like it best when she is at home, inside, playing with her toys or watching a movie or playing with her little brother.

But, she wants to be freeeeeeeeeee. She wants to walk into her friends house when I drop her off without me watching her, or she'll glare at me and motion me to drive off. She wants to ride her bike to the stop sign, or even further. She wants to play outside with the neighborhood kids. She even wanted to drink Coke the other day (um, no!)

Lily's almost seven. I wish she wasn't, but she's a big girl now. And even though I want her to still be a baby, I'm loving looking at the world through her eyes. Fixing her own drink and cereal. Holding her brother. Ordering her own food when we go out to eat. Helping me by grabbing diapers when we need them, moving laundry from upstairs to downstairs, taking care of her dog. Making new friends weekly at the ball park. These things make her an adult, in her eyes. And it is really adorable. She is so outgoing and confident, I think its one of my favorite qualities about her, since she is so opposite of me.

So, I've been letting her play outside with her friends, and she's spent the night a few times this summer (with Shane's aunt and uncle and cousins or my mom). I'm loosening the reigns a little bit. And it makes me sad when she doesn't want to ride to the store with me, but I have to realize that if she thinks I'm less cool now, I'll be in for tons more by the time she's 12. Now I see how I got so many Starbucks drinks when I was in high school, it was the perfect way for my mom to spend time with me. I'll have to use that one!

July 14, 2011

Parker's First Birthday Party

In case you're not sick of pictures from this party, here are some shots from our great day at the house! We had over 40 people here, including babies, kids, and adults. But it all was fun and went off without a hitch! Thanks to my wonderful mom for helping with everything, to Shane and Lily for putting up with my insanity, to my friend Anna who brought yummy Buffalo Chicken dip, and to everyone who came to wish Parker a Happy Birthday!

Decorations from the Party

This is where our theme started. I found this owl iron on on Etsy and ordered it. Parker wore this to his birthday party.

The banner: We used cardstock from Michaels. My mom traced the letters with the wooden letters they also sell there. She cut the paper into flag shapes, and glued the paper letters on. Then we glued them onto the ribbon. I'm going to hang this banner in his room now because I love it so much.

We used the wooden P and glued cardstock paper over it too.

Pictures: We glued some of my favorite pictures of Parker to cardstock and also glued to ribbon. It was a bit heavy, and this was the best way we could hang it, but it came out adorable!

Mantel Decoration: We bought this cute owl from a store at the mall called EarthBound. Then we made some little candy bags with the little owl tags that we made from cardstock and used an owl stamp. The kids got to tie their goody bags with the rest of the owl tags. My mom made some paper flowers out of tissue paper. We got the idea from the Martha Stewart website.

We made this little decoration to go outside by the front door, and we used his invitation. I glued his invitation to a dowel that I bought at Walmart for .25 and painted blue. To make the bottom, I wrapped a roll of toilet paper with tissue paper and tied with ribbon.

I made the centerpiece for the table the same way. My mom made this owl out of felt, and glued it to cardstock.

We made some cupcake toppers by cutting out little flags of cardstock paper, and gluing them to toothpicks.

Candy Table: We filled up tons and tons of candy into various sized apothecary jars and other serving bowls. I also made a little handmade sign that said "Sweet Shop."

Here are a few other shots:

Lots of work, but so much fun. I don't think the pictures do everything justice. It all looked amazing. Lots of cardstock, glue, tissue, and ribbon!