October 28, 2011

Flashback Friday

Hilarious and priceless! My husband and his parents, circa 1985. Now I need to find one of me...

Note: Parker and Shane really don't look alike do they?

October 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Lily being Lily, photo courtesy of my friend Sonya. Lily and her friends just finished making Fall Rice Krispy Treats with Miss Sonya. Being a kid ROCKS!

October 26, 2011

My Second Pinterest Project

I sort of winged this project, and there are definitely things I would do differently. I can't give a tutorial, except that there was hot glue, lots of ribbons, and hairbow clips. Oh and some googly eyes! We saw ghost bows on Pinterest, so we attempted "bat bows." They did look very cute today in Lily and her cousin Faith's hair.

October 24, 2011

I guess I should say something...

I just checked my last blog post, and it was September 30! If I don't blog now, I'll hit a month of no blogging, and that just won't do. I want to say I've been really busy, and I really have, but I still must apologize for neglecting you, blog! I wish I had a bunch of great pictures to put up, but I've also been neglecting my camera. I have Iphone pictures, so I guess those will have to do.

Since the end of September, we've pretty much been non stop. My dad was in town to visit at the beginning of October. We all had a great dinner at Gumbeaux's in downtown Douglasville. We couldn't get my dad to try the gator. My sisters came too (they liked the gator!), and it was a fun night. Parker got his worst boo boo yet. He wiped out on the pavement outside the restaurant and ended up with a huge fat lip and a gigantic scab resembling a Hitler mustache. He was brave though, the poor fellow. Here he is with his boo boo a couple days after:

The first week in October, Lily, Parker, and I flew up to Cape Cod for my cousin Jesse's wedding. He married a really sweet girl who I have come to call a friend. Their two precious little girls were the flower girls. We went to the rehearsal dinner at a Japanese steak house, and the wedding was at a gorgeous inn in Dennis. The wedding was so lovely, and we had a great time. Lily literally danced the night away, sang with the band, and made requests to the DJ. She threw a mild pouty fest when she didn't catch the bouquet.

Here are some shots from the wedding...my little styling kiddos, and a shot of their sweet cousin:

We spent the rest of the trip hanging out, relaxing, and eating tons of food, as usual. The only down part of the trip was that Shane wasn't able to make it. Note to self: Never travel with Parker without DH again. It was so difficult. I love my son to death, but I love the fact that he has two parents! I never realized how strong Shane and I are together as parents until this trip. Probably mostly when Parker refused to sleep and cried/fussed/tried to escape my lap the flight home. I literally ran through the airport, to my waiting MIL. GET US HOME!!!

In other big news, we have purchased another home. We were on the quest for more space and a nicer neighborhood. We found that-about a mile from where we live now, so Lily won't have to change schools or even change buses! Our new house needs some work, but it has much more room. The yard is more manageable, and we actually will have a basement for a playroom! We close on Halloween, so please keep us in your thoughts that all goes well. We are also in the process of selling this home, so cross your fingers. We will stay here while working on the new house, but we will be moving in a couple months for sure. Cheers to a larger home and hopes of expanding our little family once we get settled in the new place. (more on that LATER!)

Lily finished off her first season of softball, playing third base and hitting great. She got amazing marks on her progress report (already reading a grade level ahead and acting as a leader in the class).

Parker will be 16 months old very soon. He appeared to be self weaning from breastfeeding, (nursing only first thing in the morning and right before bed) but he is going through a terrible cold right now and has taken to nursing as his main source of sustenance, although I am going to try to get him to eat some soup when he wakes up from his marathon nap. We have elevated the crib mattress, plugged in the humidifier, and suctioned the nose and done the saline spray. My poor baby!

Lily and Parker have been doing great. They seem so old now. They are best buddies. They love playing outside together. Lily is SUCH a good big sister, and he is delighted to have her take care of him and serve as a stereotypical little brother, messing up her room and her toys and pulling her hair.

What else...my cousin Shea came to stay this weekend. He is moving from the Cape down to Tampa, and we were delighted to have him stay with us. The boys watched lots of football, and we hung out with both my family and Shane's. It was a pretty relaxing weekend, and I love getting to see my Northern family members!

This weekend, we have another wedding-Shane's cousin Aja is getting married. Lily is going to be the flower girl-her fourth flower girl gig. Her dress is too cute, and we are still on the hunt for her shoes. She gets to get her hair done on Saturday, and I'm going to take her to get her little nails painted. She is giddy! We have the rehearsal dinner Friday, and the wedding Saturday. I'm hoping for glorious weather, and I know it will be a great time with family.

There's your Mahappenings... busy but great!