November 17, 2011

Kids Well Check Up and Stats

This afternoon, I took the kids to their seven year and (belated) 15 month check ups, respectively. It was a long appointment, and I was so ready to get.out.of.there. However, both the kiddos are doing great.

Lily: Lily was 52 pounds and 47 inches tall, putting her in the 50% for both. She did great on her hearing and vision, and she totally freaked out when she got her finger pricked. Other than that, she was her usual talkative self. She spun around on the doctor's chair, read all the books, and treated herself and Parker to a lollipop after their visit. She even gave the doctor a hard time:

Doctor: What do you do when you ride your bike?
Lily: I usually do some little jumps, and I stand on my pegs.
Doctor: I mean, for safety.
Lily: Oh, wear my helmet.

Doctor: What do you do when you get in a car?
Lily: Take the key and start the engine.
Doctor: What do YOU do, YOU, for safety??
Lily: Oh, buckle up!

Seriously...what a little smart mouth sometimes! But luckily, the doctor was full of humor.

Parker: Parker was 22.2 pounds and 30.5 inches tall, putting him in the 10% for both. He has been on the small side, and I'm sure I voiced my concern in previous months. However, the doctor said he is growing according to his own growth curve. He has been steadily gaining weight. So there is no need for concern. WHAT A RELIEF! His face was priceless while the doctor measured his head and checked his tummy. He looked so dang serious, but so curious at the same time. Adorable.

So glad it's over, but also thrilled to hear my children are healthy and fabulous. But of course, I already knew this...

November 16, 2011

Parker 16.5 Month Update

I haven't done a Parker update in forever, so I have to get this all down so I don't forget what he is doing right now. The kids both have doctor's appointments tomorrow, and I am curious to see how he is growing.

Right now, Parker is 16.5 months. He is down to pretty much one 2.5 hour nap a day, but sometimes he'll still take two naps. He still wakes up at night sometimes, but he is doing better. We go in spurts. Those teeth are vicious. He still sleeps in his crib, always on his tummy, and he still loves his sound machine to go to sleep. He now wakes up and starts yelling "Mommy!"

Parker is still nursing-but usually just to go to sleep or when he feels nervous. He always wants to nurse at other peoples houses or when we are with friends and my attention is not all on him. Today, he didn't nurse for the first time until 2 pm when he woke up from his nap. So, like I said, he doesn't nurse much, but I really don't know what will make him ask for "boobie."

Parker loves to graze and snack, and meals are hit or miss. He loves walking around and playing while he's eating, and he really hates his high chair now. I've taken to letting him eat at the big table, just so he'll be still. He really likes any cereal, most vegetables, especially carrots, cantaloupe, salsa, yogurt, any kind of cracker or chips (esp. Stacy's Pita Chips), any dip, tomatoes, pickles, spaghetti, pizza, and waffles. Meats are dicey-sometimes he ignores them, but yesterday he ate deli turkey for lunch, and he gobbled up his ground turkey taco for dinner this evening. He loves lollipops, but other than that, he doesn't really beg or immediately notice sweets like Lily does.

Parker is still obsessed with any balls he can throw. He's got a pretty good arm going. HE loves being outside all the time, he loves all animals, and he recently became obsessed with the moon. He likes looking for planes and cars too. I'm trying to think what else...he recently learned how to hit, and that is something that is really difficult to explain to him. I usually just tell him to love and I show him a better way to express himself. It isn't working SO great, but he does give more love than hits most of the time.

Oh, and here are all the words that he is saying: (no sentences yet!)
Chase (his uncle)
Faith (his cousin)
dog dog
Oscar (which also kind of sounds like dog dog)
Hi !
Bye Bye!
Hello? (to answer the phone)
Uh oh
Cheese (to take a picture)
Thank you
Moo! (cow)
Ruff ruff (dog)
Meow (kitty)
Num nums (food)
Bite (when he wants a bite of our food)
Gone gone
Ow! (when I brush his hair)
Deef (teeth-he wants his toothbrush)

He can follow simple directions, like bring me your diaper, throw this in the garbage, shut the door. He seems to really understand what I say-when I tell him we're going to get Lily from the bus stop, he is SO excited.

I'll close with my Facebook status today: " It is amazing what little people can teach us. I have learned so much about myself as a mother and a person since having this boy. He throws me for a loop almost constantly, but that goofy laugh melts my heart and his grins make every challenging moment worth it."

House Updates

We closed on our new house on October 31st. Since then, my mom and I have cleaned it (over 10 hours of cleaning). We have had all the rooms painted, the front porch and mailbox painted, the front porch pressure washed, and the carpet stretched. We also had to get a broken window replaced. Yesterday, we got our alarm system moved over as well.

Whew! So now, we need to have an exterminator come through, get the carpets cleaned, and get the basement and the garage cleaned up. After Thanksgiving, we should start moving in. I hope to be moved in by Christmas. As soon as we get everything done, I will start posting pictures. The fun thing about this house is that while it looks great, we will be continually upgrading and completing projects. I'm really looking forward to the change. Anyways, this house has been consuming most of my thoughts and time lately, so I felt that I had to give an update.

November 1, 2011

Trick or Treating 2011

Happy Halloween one day late! We loaded up the trailer with bales of hay, and had Daddy and Uncle Troy pull us around several different neighborhoods. We have way too much candy, and the kids are still on sugar highs.

Pumpkin Patch Fun

As usual, Shane and I procrastinated until the day before Halloween to get pumpkins. Luckily, we found a cute pumpkin patch super close to the house. The kids were so cute picking out pumpkins. Decisions, decisions. They ended up each getting a kid sized pumpkin, and we got a big one that we carved that evening. We lit it up Sunday and Monday night.

Another Wedding Weekend!

Shane's cousin, Aja, got married this past Saturday. It was a beautiful ceremony at a really nice wedding venue, 655 West, in Dallas, GA. Lily was beyond tickled to be the flower girl for her. She was able to spend the day getting her nails done, having her makeup applied, and receiving a lovely hairdo. Shane and I took her to the rehersal dinner the night before, and the four of us has a great time at the wedding. It was really nice spending a great evening with Shane's family all together. Plus, I loved the excuse to buy a new dress, dress up Shane and Parker, get a haircut, and get my nails done. Shane had to remind me that I wasn't the one getting married! I just looove weddings though! Picture overload-enjoy!