May 16, 2012

26 weeks!

98 days or less til we meet Little Mahaffey #3.

I am still feeling really great. I have had a decent amount of energy, and I have nested some. Mostly, I have been deep cleaning our entire home and my van due to our recent bout with scabies. We noticed bumps and bites on all four of us on Mother's Day, and our pedi is suggesting it is scabies. Don't let the Google images scare you, ours is not nearly as severe. Lily has it the worst. The pedi thinks she picked it up from another kid at school or church. Parker is second worse, and then Shane, and then me. We have all washed in the medicated body wash, and I have washed so many sheets and blankets and vacuumed so many rugs, pillows, carpet, and mattresses that I can't even believe it. Let's hope they are gone!!

So, anyways, I haven't gained much weight since my appointment three weeks ago, so if I can hold off one more week, my midwife hopefully will not fuss. But how can you fuss at a pregnant lady taking her glucose test, right? That fun comes next Friday. Luckily, Parker will be at his babysitters, and I plan to hit Starbucks or somewhere equally delicious after my appointment.

Everything is going well. I still haven't done much baby preparing, but I do have some time. Once we get back from our beach trip, I will slowly pull out and clean and prepare all our baby equipment. I still need to purchase a pack and play. And I'm waiting on 12 more newborn diapers...which I believe are about to be shipped.

How far along? 26 weeks
Maternity clothes? I need longer maternity shirts... and a great dress for an engagement party
Stretch marks? No new ones yet
Sleep: Pretty great.
Best moment this week: Less than 100 days to go!
Miss Anything? Moving with ease. I always feel so sluggish with this extra weight
Movement: Lots of little kicks and jabs, especially at night
Food cravings: Avoiding fried food, craving fresh veggies and salad.. but then eating way too much dessert almost nightly. GUILTY.
Food aversions: Lots of meat, but I did eat a chicken burrito today. Anything greasy and fried sounds gross.
Gender: Unknown for 13 more weeks
Labor Signs: n/a
Symptoms: My headaches have pretty much gone away, but I occasionally get a sharp pain on my left side. And I still think I am stretching and growing every now and then because I'll cramp.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On and off... depends on how hot I am
Looking forward to: My third trimester, and my beach trip!

May 9, 2012

A Look at My Goals

I just found my "2012" goals on an old blog post from December of 2011. Since we are about 5 months into 2012, let's take a look at some of my planned goals.

Our Family 2012 Goals:
1. Make all our cleaning products-check! I have done this. I have also made hand soap, bug spray, dish wash detergent, and I am still considering making laundry detergent. I tried homemade toothpaste, but it wasn't a huge hit.

2. Obtain our own chickens-check! I have had chickens for over 2 months now, and they are growing every day. Still waiting on our eggs :)

3. Have a garden this spring-check! This is Shane's project, but I did help pick out the veggies. He is taking great care of our little garden, and I can't wait for some fresh veggies!

4. Eliminate fried foods-no dice. Pregnant=Chik Fil A at least once a week. But I haven't ate red meat in over a year, so no nasty McDonalds or Burger King, blech!

5. Use less than one roll of paper towels a week-check! I usually forget to buy them, so even if I only use one every 2 weeks, we might go another week without. I use lots of hand towels and rags now that I've built up a big stash of those, and I have so many that I constantly pull out a new one to stop the spread of germs. They do a better job too.

Personal Goals:
1. Give yoga a shot. -nope
2. Drink more water.-always need to drink more
3. Stay home more, drive less.-easier now that I am preggo
4. Visit the park at LEAST bi-weekly. -sorry kids!
5. Walk three mornings a week. -nope
6. Will myself to have more patience with my children.-always a work in progress
7. Read more. -I read the Hunger Games Trilogy, ready to read something new.

So there's my little update. I'm anxious to get working on some of these goals!!

May 7, 2012

24 Week Bellyshot

I noticed my last belly shot was 20 weeks, so here I am at 24 weeks and give or take a few days. I am feeling big, and it seems like so many people are noticing my big belly. Also, my legs and arms are getting nicely tan, but you'll have to excuse my ultra white stomach.

May 2, 2012

24 Weeks Pregnant

Sadly, I don't have any exciting bump pictures to post. My belly is certainly growing. I definitely look 6 months pregnant. I love feeling my little baby kick every day. Lily felt the baby kick for the first time yesterday. I have my glucose test coming up at the end of the month. And then I will be in my third trimester! Yikes. Once we get back from Florida next month, I'll start to get my baby gear ready. I really want to tie dye some onesies. Instead of buying a going home outfit, I'm going to bring a newborn outfit of Lily's and a newborn outfit of Parker's with me to the hospital.

Baby currently has 24 newborn and small diapers, 4 covers, and 12 more newborn diapers on the way from a co-op. Other than the diapers, I haven't bought a thing. I don't really need to. However, if Baby is a girl, she will have to gear up for a shopping trip for pink onesies, ballet slipper socks, and hair bows. It's been a long time since I had a baby girl, and my 7 year old baby girl will barely let me fix her hair, let alone dress her up.

How far along? 24 weeks
How big is baby? About a pound, and as long as an ear of corn
Weight gain? Must we? I got a verbal warning from my MW on gaining too much weight. Looks like I might gain just as much as I did with Parker (I gained 40 with Lily, and I gained 50+ with Parker. I'm a gainer!)
Maternity clothes? Absolutely necessary, and my small, cute ones are getting too tight.
Stretchmarks? I have some on my sides from Lily which are very faded, and I have one faded one under my belly button from Parker. I'm using stretch mark cream, but I'm also realistic.
Sleep? Pretty great. Just want more of it!
Breastfeeding? No more. Parker hasn't nursed in a week and a half.
Best moment this week? Letting Lily feel the baby kick.
Movement? Lots, and feeling it on the outside too
Food cravings? Lots of meat makes me feel sickish, as well as greasy fried food, but I am an eating machine right now.
Name? Can't agree on a boys name or a girls name. The battle continues. Just kidding. We really don't even talk about it much... poor kid.
Labor signs? Nada
Belly button in or out? In, my button has never popped out
Rings on or off? On, but feeling tight when I get hot
Morning sickness? No, thank goodness
What I miss: bending over, being thin, an occasional glass of wine, but wouldn't trade this for anything.
What I am looking forward to? Getting my glucose test over with, third trimester, convincing Parker there really is a baby in my belly
Weekly Wisdom? Rest. I've been doing it this week, and it has been heavenly. Ethereal.
Milestones: Baby has been a cooking for 6 months. 4 to go!

An Ode to Breastfeeding

The last time Parker Mahaffey nursed was April 20, 2012 around 11:30 pm, by force of his mama!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Since I have been pregnant, nursing had become increasingly painful, and my milk had almost completely dried up. I was 22 weeks into my pregnancy the last time I nursed Parker. I was wondering if my colostrum was going to come in, but so far, it hadn't.

I had nursed him to fall asleep for a nap that morning. We went to Shane's baseball game that night, and then we stopped by a new sporting good store that opened called Academy Sports and Outdoors. Shane quickly found what he had came for: a left handed baseball glove for his son. Parker is absolutely obsessed with baseball and throwing balls. That night, he stared at his new glove in wonder. It did not come off his hand. When we got home, he refused to sleep. He literally played with his glove and a ball for over two hours. He just threw his ball into his glove with a little grin.

I had been working on the don't offer, don't refuse method of weaning (and sometimes, trying to refuse when it hurt too much, but failing). I should add that Parker was only nursing on my right side as well. Out of sheer exhaustion, around 11 30, I begged him to nurse. "Don't you want booby?" He nursed for a minute, popped off, and declared "I don't WANT it!" In the cutest southern little voice ever.He went back to throwing his ball until he finally passed out in our bed. But he did have to sleep with his glove on his hand. No lie.

He went an entire week without even saying the word boobie. I felt a little betrayed, but also very very relieved. A week later, he asked for boobie, but I knew that it would be extremely painful, so I instead offered him a drink and a cuddle, and he was fine. He likes to fall asleep in the car now, or in our arms. He is a bit harder to get to sleep, but we are getting into a routine. I moved the rocking chair back into his room for this purpose. The best part is that Daddy now gets to put his son to sleep for the first time in almost two years. He loves to rock in the recliner, falling asleep to the Braves games.

I have such mixed feelings because he seems so grown up now. He is happy with a sippy cup of water and a cuddle with Dad. He still needs to snuggle with me to start his day and wake up from his naps. I think if I wasn't pregnant and in so much pain when nursing that it would be a lot harder.

Now I have a three month break before I embark on my next breastfeeding journey. I am excited for a little break, I must admit, but I am very very thrilled to have nursed Parker for 21.5 months, and I am overjoyed that my milk sustained him and grew him before he ever ate food. He NEVER had one DROP of formula, and he really hated pumped bottles too. He was quite the boob man. I am proud of you, big boy! And I'm also proud of me :) As a side note, I really need more nursing pictures next time! Here are the few shots of my little man breastfeeding... the first is right after his first nursing session EVER.