June 27, 2011

A year ago...and some newborn yummy-ness to reminisce

I am feeling very emotional that this is the last day before Parker will be exactly one year old. A year ago today was a Sunday the 27th. I just checked and I didn't post a blog that day. Probably because even though it was my second c-section, I was freaking out. Worrying and hoping that the birth would go smoothly and that little Parker would be safe and healthy, wondering how much he weighed, obsessing over breastfeeding, stressing about pain, you get the idea. I had the nursery ready, my hospital bag packed, Lily's bag packed, the house clean, the car clean, food in the fridge, you name it. I had help set up for the following week, and family members planning to be at the hospital bright and early with me. Shane of course, was cool as a cucumber, but that's his M.O.

I don't even really remember what we did on my last Sunday without little sweet Pea. I know I went to the hospital to give some blood since I was having a repeat C-section. I think we stopped by Shane's parents house to say farewell. I remember we took Lily over to Troy and Michelle's late afternoon since she was staying with them, and I cried. I'm sure we got a bite to eat that night, but I couldn't tell you where (I'm sure I didn't have to cook!) I remember lots of sweet phone calls from my parents, friends, and other family. It was funny to hear my brother say "I love you." We both love each other immensely, but we don't usually say that everytime we talk on the phone. I guess maybe since I was having surgery, he wanted to make sure I knew, but that was one of the most touching moments I remember. I remember watching a movie and straightening my hair the night before (so I would look decent during surgery? Who knows...) I think I actually was able to sleep a little bit. And I'll tell the rest of the story tomorrow!

And to reminisce a little further, here are all of my favorite pictures from when Parker was a tiny sweet newborn. Who can forget the sweetest newborn photo shoot from Katie Davidson Photography ? You can check that blog post here.

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