January 28, 2010

Remember, remember!

I do not want to forget that...

1. This week is the first week I felt the baby actually moving. I'm even feeling little kicks, which has been very exciting for me. I'm hoping that I will be able to let Shane and Lily feel soon too.

2. I feel like I am carrying much lower than I did with Lily. Almost like the baby is actually sitting on my bladder. I have to use the restroom tons of times during the day and several times at night (Sorry for TMI). I don't remember that fun activity starting until my third trimester with Lily.

3. The Chinese Gender predictor predicted a boy...but it also predicted Lily was a boy.

4. I've been wearing my maternity jeans for three weeks officially this weekend. That also came ALOT earlier than with Lily (around 15 weeks). But I do love my Motherhood jeans!!

I think that's it. I just had to quickly blog before these thoughts escape from my pregnancy brain-most thoughts are quite fleeting!

January 25, 2010

17 Weeks

Good morning!

Today I am 17 weeks, and I feel the same as I did at 16 weeks, and 15 weeks, and even 14 weeks. My belly is growing, and depending on how tight of a shirt I am wearing, people are starting to notice my bump. I'm still waiting to feel my baby move, but I think I have felt a few little tickles here and there. I can never be sure. I am very thankful I have gotten over my morning sickness, and I am very much looking forward to two weeks from today--when I have my second trimester ultrasound done. Hopefully we'll be able to discover if we are having a boy or a girl.

Once we find out, I fear the name situation will quickly come to a head. Thus will begin the debates over names, and even worse, other people's input on names that they like, or rather, names that we like that they do NOT like. I hate to be mean, but I really really do not care. I could care less! Isn't that terrible? I think we'll have to keep our baby's name under wraps for awhile, as I fear for my emotional health.

However, another exciting part DOES come with finding out our baby's gender-beginning to decorate our nursery! Our nursery will be our third bedroom. It has been a computer room/office type deal but now serves as our guestroom. When we first moved in here, about four years ago, it was painted red and white striped with blue and stars-an American Flag room, which many people dubbed "the flag room." Luckily, the flag room has since been painted over (beige, very simple and plain.) Most everything is cleared out now, but I'm trying (in vain) to sell our guestbed on Craigslist in order to make room for a crib! I've snuck a few peeks at Babys R Us, and I am so excited to begin picking things out!

Another thought-I've been struggling with the idea of belly pictures. I think it's neat that some people post their progress, and while I would definietly keep my shirt on, sometimes I worry that if I post these weekly belly pictures that I'll appear quite self involved (although, I do have a blog, so obviously, I am somewhat self involved.) I'm still thinking--maybe I'll start at 20 weeks, maybe I won't do it at all...I think there are about three pictures of me pregnant with Lily. My face gets very very round! Decisions, decisions...

So, that's my little update, all is well, and exciting news is coming soon!

January 21, 2010

Blog-Day One

I just checked my old blog, and I realized the last time I blogged was in 2006. I read a couple of old entries, and I was pretty embarrassed at how immature I sounded. I guess life was pretty different back then, albeit, it was only three years ago.

Nowadays, I think I'm a much better mother. I think now that Lily is five, and she knows every song on Q 100, and dresses better than I do half the time, I've realized that she isn't going to be little for much longer. She is soaking up everything--and she's doing great in Pre-K. She is so smart, and we are so proud of her.

I'm also a WIFE, who has been married for eight months. Shane and I had a great wedding, and we are really enjoying being married. Shane works super hard, and I am so proud of him--although, half the time, he does have to reheat his dinner in the microwave. :(

We're expecting Baby #2 around July 4th. Due to layoffs, I recently became a stay at home mom, for the first time EVER. Since I've pretty much been busy since middle school, I find this free time really really strange. I've been vacuuming every day, making the beds perfectly, and looking for laundry to wash when there is none. I've been retraining our troublesome Pug, I'm caught up on the DVR, and I constantly organize closets and move picture frames around. I've rediscovered how relaxing it is to get Starbucks and visit a bookstore, go for a walk, and have lunch with friends.

So, I thought now would be the best time to start up blogging! I really hope I take to it. I don't remember anything about being pregnant with Lily, so I am really hoping that I'll use this blog to help other people when they become pregnant (Did you do this...is that normal? Hopefully, I'll have a better answer than, "I don't remember").

Today, I am 16 weeks and 4 days. I am done with my first trimester (after have morning sickness for weeks!) I already have a belly going on. And I feel great! At my next appointment, we find out if it's a boy or a girl... (February 8th). In general, we are super excited!