March 30, 2010

26 weeks, 2 days

Boo! I haven't blogged lately. But--there isn't a whole lot new from last time I posted. I'm heading back to the doctor next week, and I also have to go and do my glucose test at some point this week.

Everything is going great- we have purchased our crib and our stroller and carseat travel system. Things are starting to shape up!

Once baby comes, I think I'll slow down quite a bit, but being a SAHM has given me the opportunity to get many things I never had time for done. So, as bummed as I was about layoffs at work, I've really enjoyed this time. I have gotten to know my daughter a whole lot more, and she is always so happy when I pick her up from school.

Fun Things Lily and I have FINALLY gotten to do/Things I've been meaning to do for her
~Visited the park and playground weekly (sometimes more than once a week)
~Baked lots of cookies, cakes, and brownies
~Rediscovered the local library-her reading list is about a mile long! I've been sticking to guilty pleasures-James Patterson, and also books on breastfeeding
~Taken the dog on lots of walks
~Attended nearly every one of Shane's ball games (I think we went to one last year)
~Attended tee ball practices and 4 games, Lily's team is 3-1! Go Fireballs!
~Lots of trips to Target, the mall, and of course Starbucks
~Tuesday movies- $5, we've seen Alvin and the Chipmunks 2, and next week is Alice in Wonderland
~Developed a chart and list of rules for Lily to follow (she is doing better, I can say that. Less frusturation for her and me because she and I both know that a consequence will come with bad behavior; it's as simple as that.)
~Organized all her clothes and given away plenty!
~Mastered correct teeth brushing (that is, brushing that is acceptable to the dentist and myself!)
~Created a very succesful bedtime routine

Accomplishments for myself
~Patience with my daughter and my husband
~Keeping the house super clean, even cleaner than usual
~Staying ahead of the laundry
~Getting the dog fixed
~Repainted all trim and doors and touched up every wall in this house
~Succesfully hired someone to fix our garage doors, which have NEVER worked since we've lived here
~Succesfully had someone put in a new back door
~Cooked alot more
~Straightened my hair alot more
~Gone on walks
~Worked on the nursery
~Watched tons of awesome movies
~Started watching and following some awesome new shows
~Began clipping coupons and looking for sales-slowly and surely saving money at the grocery store
~Taking over the organization and payment of all household bills

Just had to brag on myself a little bit! Have a great week-hopefully more to report soon!

March 3, 2010

22 Weeks, 4 days!

Here's one with his skinny arm and a little hand
Here's a little leg
His 19 week profile
His first picture-from awhile back, nine weeks. He's grown so much!

... I created my baby's registry at Target :

...I'm finally adding some pictures.

...everything else is the same and great! Starting to get addicted to Birth Day, Baby Story, and Bringing Home Baby. Not to mention 16 and Pregnant, but that's a far more guilty pleasure!