June 28, 2011

Parker at Age 1

My third Parker post today! Sorry, but your baby only turns one ONCE!

Just so I remember, here is what Parker is doing at age 1 (12 months!)

1. Taking two naps a day-one around 1030/11 am and one around 330/4 pm)
2. Going to sleep around 8-9 and waking up around 5 to eat and then waking up for the day around 730
3. Crawling like a madman, standing up without any assistance, taking 1-2 steps when coached
4. No clue how much he weighs. Need to make a pedi appointment
5. Saying uh-oh, no no, dada, dog dog, mama on occasion, shaking his head no, waving bye bye, and I think he says Lily sometimes
6.Having lots of tantrums
7. 1 year of breastfeeding and still nursing
8. Still rear facing (Please research this before turning your baby around!)
9. Wearing cloth diapers for 8 months. They are still in wonderful condition.
10. Eating lots and lots of adult food and drinking from a sippy cup and a straw
11. Loves any kind of ball, these are his favorite toys by far
12. Sleeping in his crib at night
13. Already fighting with his sister
14. Doesn't like the swimming pool or spray grounds
15. Has 8 teeth
16. Loves other little kids
17. Very defiant and headstrong
18. Loves to hug and kiss (Give "love.")
19. Hair turning very blond and skin turning tan even though he wears sunscreen
20. Wearing a variety of sized clothes-some 12 month, some 9-12 month, some 12-18 month, and some 18 month.

There! That about does it.

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