September 20, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

Maybe I'll start a new tradition with this one. But 10 items is a hard list to come up with on occasion. I started off with a fun one that I'm also passionate about-10 reasons why cloth diapers are better than disposable diapers. So here goes. (oh, and I just threw in a few pictures of how cute my boy is in cloth!)

10 Reasons Why Cloth Diapers Are Better than Disposable Diapers.

1. Obviously-you save tons and tons of money. Google it. Thousands and thousands of dollars. I have spent $200 on my CD stash. And they are one sized, so he uses them the ENTIRE time he is in diapers.

2. You save the planet. Diapers take 550 years to decompose, so, every single disposable diaper ever manufactured and then used is still out there decomposing somewhere. YIKES.

3. You save your baby's bum. Google dioxin. Scary.

4. Throw out your Destin! Cloth diapers are so much gentler on your babies skin (meaning, natural materials and fibers vs. the bleached paper of a disposable diaper). No more diaper rash!

5. You can re-sell your diapers ( for up to 70% of what you originally paid for them.

6. You can hand them down to your next baby.

7. You don't get those explosive diapers (I won't get too graphic, but you know what I mean) with cloth diapers like you do sposies.

8. You always have diapers on hand(no more late night trips to Kroger!)

9. You have so many options-the pattern and material, the type of diaper you want (pocket, prefold, fitted, AIO, AI2, hybrid). You can adjust the absorbency...basically PERSONALIZE the perfect diaper for your baby!

10. Fluffy bums are so much CUTER! How else can a baby's butt get compliments but when its wrapped in an adorable cloth diaper??

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