September 6, 2011

I heart Publix

Since becoming a stay at home mom, I have definietly fallen into the couponing craze. I am not a pyscho by no means (I did once get 20 boxes of pasta for free, but they are still going to good use), but I love a deal and I love stocking up. I try to get as much as I will need until the next sales cycle.

Couponing can be hard to get a hang of, but if you live in the south, will teach you everything you need to know. I print coupons from the Internet as well as cut them from the free papers and Sunday papers that I buy.

I fell off the wagon and my stockpile was dwindling, but here is what happened today at Publix:

I got all this for $15.37 and I saved $47.02 cents. These are all products that I would normally buy and use. I don't just get cat litter because it's on sale for .65 or anything. I'm saving on things we love and would buy at regular price (well, we used to buy at regular price!)

I got two Whole Fruit sorbets, regularly $2.99 for $.49 each, 4 Ken's salad dressings regularly $1.99 for $.50 each, two glass cleaners for $0.24 each, 4 boxes of Cheezits for $1.54 each, 2 Breyers ice creams for $1.99 each, 2 Degree deodorants regularly $2.07 for $0.07 each, and 6 jars of pasta sauce for $.39 each!

You get AMAZING deals at Publix. When they have B1G1, you don't have to buy both, you can get one for half the price. Add that to a coupon, and you are saving tons of money. Publix also takes local competitors coupons and doubles coupons up to .50 (I.E. a $.50 coupon becomes $1 off).

Couponing can be difficult when you are trying to plan healthy dinners, but I generally avoid the really junky stuff. I don't stock pile Hungry Man Dinners or Hostess Cupcakes. Not that I won't eat the ice cream and Cheez Its, but I am always on the prowl for any organic coupons or healthy snacks for the kids, like yogurt, applesauce, etc. I've gotten huge bags of granola, organic milk and eggs, organic waffles and french toast, organic chips, organic applesauce, organic yogurt, and more. You just need to take the time to look, and you can save your family insane amounts of money. I will never again pay full price for cereal, cleaning products, or any snack really. And you're saving, so you can spend more on the fruits and organic chicken.

Happy couponing!

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