September 19, 2011

Another Birthday Party! And Happy Birthday Lily!

Whew, feels like we just had one. Luckily, my sweet daughter took it easy on me, and she decided she wanted to invite a few close friends to Build a Bear Workshop. All the kids got to make their own bears. They had such a fun time, and they were so cute. The kids were really well behaved too! We finished off the day with cake in the food court and presents. No cleanup before or after for me, I was very pleased! The cake was pretty yummy, from a local bakery we had tried out for the first time. Lily was tickled with her bear, all her presents, and had a wonderful day with all her friends and family!

Today she is 7...I really can't believe it. We got her new Keds, a necklace from Justice, and a brand new bike, with brakes on the handle bars and a kickstand, her only stipulations. I promised her shopping at Target with some birthday money later, and a kids meal. She's easy to please! And we're making a big spaghetti dinner tonight.

The child that has saved my life in SO many ways. We may have grown up a bit together, but she was (and still is) the stimulus for all that I do-including getting a college degree. She's so kind to others, genuinely has fun pretty much wherever she is, loves Jesus, loves her little brother, helps me at home, plays softball, does great in school and recognizes double the sight words required, loves animals, bugs, and being outside, and has the cutest freckles and curls. I can't believe how grown up she seems now. I love you to the moon and back and then some, Lily Bug!

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