August 19, 2010

My Favorite Baby Items

...or Parker's for that matter. Here are some must haves we couldn't live without during these last seven weeks:

1. The Wubbanub

I ordered the Wubbanub from, and it cost me about $12 with shipping. Parker had a really hard time holding a regular Soothi paci in his mouth, and the Wubbie sits right on his chest, making it easier for him. Plus, it falls on the floor alot less and it's harder to lose. Most of P's pictures are of him and that Wub, and everytime we go somewhere, people ask about it. I would recommend for all newborns! Get one BEFORE baby comes. My pedi says pacis lower the risk of SIDS.

2. The Swaddle Me Blanket

I got this from my sweet friend Farah. I had registered for it on a whim at Babies R Us, but I never knew how much I would actually need it. At first, Parker had a hard time staying asleep unless he was on my chest. Lily was never one for swaddling, and she ended up sleeping on her tummy. I really didn't want to get back in that habit, since they say back is best. One night, I tried the swaddle blanket, and he took right to it. I just never can get those receiving blankets as tight as I can get this blanket. Now he naps in it and sleeps in it at night. Not that he's the BEST sleeper, but it helps. Problem is, I only have one. I need more! So register for a few!

3. The Sleep Sheep

Ah, the godsend from my bestie Katherine. She brought this little gem to the hospital when we had Parker. He cannot sleep without it. He loves the sounds of the ocean, the whales, the rain, etc. It can also velcro onto your crib, stroller, carseat, etc., and it has a timer. I love, love, love this sheep! Katherine used to work at The Baby's Room, which is where she probably got it from, but I bet they are at lots of other places.

4. Fisher Price Take-Along Swing

This swing takes 4 C batteries, but it's well worth it. It calms Parker all the time. He loves to sleep in it-although, his days are numbered as he is getting SO big. I had a swing with Lily, and she hated it, so it really depends on the baby. We started him in it right away though. And it's small enough to fold up and take with us when we go to my mom's or anywhere else. And the pattern is so darn cute! I got it at my shower, and it's from Target. I also have the matching bouncy seat.

5. Stroller Mosquito Netting

We are outside all the time, and we JUST got this from BRU. We actually got the car seat sized one, and it fits over our whole stroller. So now, I don't stress about him getting bit. The mosquitos here are insane this year, so he is safe when we visit Shane's parents, (they live outside practically!) when we go on walks, or grill out.

6. The Medela Pump InStyle Breastpump

A little freedom! I've actually gotten lazy and haven't been pumping as much, but I get on pumping kicks where I'll pump every hour and build up a supply to store. It was great to have extra pumped milk when we went to the Braves game sans Parker. This baby is top of the line and really efficient. I have the actual pump on loan from a dear friend, but I bought/was given all my own parts. They have all of them at Target and BRU, but I had to order the tubing from Medela (for some reason, they don't carry the tubing in stores). Luckily, they sent them to me for free--great company!

7. Moby Wrap

I love this cozy wrap. I know I'm going to use it even more once the heat subsides. It's so safe, and you and your baby totally get to bond. There's such a closeness with wearing your baby in your Moby. And there are a million ways you can wear it too. It's great to soothe your baby, and it makes breastfeeding in public so easy.

And how ADORABLE does my little man look today?? (excuse all the laundry in the background!)

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