August 17, 2010

Lack of a Creative Title!

I've been wondering what to blog about all day, and I sort of decided to just do an overview/update of what we've been up to. It's not all that interesting, but it still will serve as a point of reference for me at some point, I'm sure.

Lily is in her second full week of kindergarten, and last week was ROUGH. First off, I've been super lazy this summer (well, super lazy about getting dressed and functioning as members of society. We usually eat cereal around eleven and wear pjs til one), so getting up and at 'em at 7 was tough! We tried being ready for the bus at 7 am, but when school is only three minutes away and starts at 8, it was much nicer to drive her. We're both a little more rested, and I'm not frantically pushing her out the door.

In Kindergarten, you get a color every day-Blue is the best, green is a warning, yellow is time out, and red is...very bad, apparently. They even have little colored clips by their names in the classroom. Well, Lily got THREE greens last week-for talking and playing with her crayons! She told me she was bored. Her teacher said she was lining up all the crayons along her desk by size and color, which only furthers my theory that she has OCD like her mother. I've been extremely discouraged, going from the notion that she is too smart for Kindergarten to she feels neglected since Parker has been born to worrying about ADD and everywhere in between. I still have no answers, but she has gotten two blues this week, and we're proud of her. Sigh...nothing like feeling like a crappy parent the first week of school. She finally got homework this week, so maybe now that she has stuff to do, she'll be less bored and stay out of trouble.

Lily also started fall ball practices in this insane heat, so to add to our super busy day, we also have to suffer in the evenings at the ball park. I can't wait for the season to start, but it has GOT to cool down some. She has improved so so much, and I think she's going to be just as athletic as her father! We have a good 5/6 team this year, with about 6 of the kids from spring ball. Lily is going to blow them out of the water this spring, I can just tell.

Parker is doing good. He actually smiles and coos all the time now. He is less fussy than those insanely difficult early days. But he is SUCH a high maintaince baby. He needs the Wubbanub, the swing, the swaddle blanket, the sound machine, the fan...and then he MAY fall asleep. But-when we go shopping, it's immediately lights out. He'll sleep four hours while we're out-it's crazy. I never stress at the grocery store, Sam's, Walmart, the MALL, you name it. He's a little shopping fiend. Probably because I keep buying him outfits. Baby boy outfits are so insanely cute! And the same goes for going out to eat about 80% of the time. I think I only had to nurse him once, and of course, we were right next to a crowded table of teenage boys.

Parker is such a handsome boy, I must say. His smiles literally melt my heart, and I'm not one for baby talk, but he brings out the goo goo, gaa gaa in me. He is such a chubby baby, and I spend plenty of time staring at his lovely, though often crying face. I can't tell who he's going to look like, but it seems like a pretty good mix of Shane and Lily right now.

Oh, Shane and I ? I almost forgot! We're good, thanks! Shane works alot, and fall ball is about to start up for him at work. Oh, and he just sold his truck and bought a Mustang that he's getting a bunch of work done to. I don't ask where these ideas come from... Sigh.

I've been working out all the time, and I'm off to a good start, getting ready to take it to the next level. I'm sort of addicted-I do it right after I take Lily to school and it's like I'm antsy to get started once 730 am hits. Which is awesome, but I'm still eating alot due to nursing. Hopefully it's balancing out. I looked at both the kids closets today, as well as Shane's stuff, and I realized I am definietly deserving some new fall clothes. While everyone else has tons of jeans, I have a measly two pairs. Gap, here I come!

Well, sorry for the boring post...til next time, here are some pics! This first picture cracks me up- Lily at the annual Buck o Rama!!

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