August 12, 2010

Extra Baggage

Monday marked six weeks since I had Parker. I probably could have started exercizing sooner, but I actually waited til the six weeks came. Of course that was about the only thing I actually listened to the doctor on. I drove earlier, did other things earlier. Etc.

I gained about 55 pounds being preggo with Parker. I pretty much sat on my butt and ate for nine months straight. I still haven't met a candy bar I didn't like. Except for maybe Mounds. I'm so out of shape that it's sick!

So...since I had Parker, I haven't been dieting, since I'm nursing. I'm definietly not starving myself. I eat when I'm hungry, and I still have a pretty decent sized dinner. Nursing really makes you hungry!! What I have cut out is the Sprite, ice cream, brownies, cookies, cake (I did alot of baking when I was pregnant), McDonalds, etc. I've been trying to eat less junk and more healthy stuff (or, if I'm eating junk, smaller amounts of it). All this is well and good, especially because it's not like Parker needs french fries and 3 cupcakes for an afternoon snack, right?

So, when I went to the doctor last Thursday, I've lost 40 pounds of the said 55. Meaning, if I want to be back at the 130 I was at BEFORE I got pregnant, I need to lose 15 more pounds. Yikes. That seems pretty daunting. Not that I don't want to weigh less than 130, but that's a bridge I have to cross if I ever see 130 again, you know.

Monday morning, I started walking the neighborhood with a good friend. Since then, we've done it every day this week. It's been a great start, and I know we're going to start moving faster and going for longer stretches too. I'm really proud of us.

My toughest critic: Lily came home from school Tuesday and said, "Well, you don't LOOK any skinner."

Wish me luck!! I can't wait to wear my jeans again. I am so. sick. of. stretchy. skirts.

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