April 5, 2012

I've got to keep up with this thing!

I can't even remember what we've done for the last month since I haven't updated my blog. I know we went to the zoo awhile back, and we have been doing lots of work on the outside of the house. Shane is tilling up our garden as we speak! We are planting this weekend, finally!

Baby is 20 weeks. Baby is doing great! Baby's gender is still a mystery... if I haven't already mentioned it, we won't be finding out until Baby arrives. Meanwhile, we will be buying yellow and white and coming up with a boy name and a girl name to take to the hospital with us in August.

Here is the most recent picture of Baby #3:

We just booked a week at Panama City Beach for the first week of June. Finally taking the kids to the beach!!

Sorry, what a random train of thought. I will try to keep these posts more organized and current-I swear!

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