April 6, 2012

Kid's Activities and Updates

Spring easily becomes our busiest time of year. Shane is currently on two softball teams, which takes up our Thursday and Friday nights, in Dallas and Acworth, respectively. He joined our church's team this year, and he is also playing with his team made up of coworkers again. Besides that, the kids have been pretty busy as well... and I just try to coordinate, plan, and enjoy everyone's activities!

Lily is playing 8 and under softball at Taylor Farm again this year. Her team is called "The Diamond Darlings" (lol!) She is playing first base, her number is number one, and she is at the top of the batting lineup. So yes, all that talk of #1 has gone to her head! Just kidding. But really, she is playing absolutely wonderfully! She has come so far, and I can't wait to watch her improve even more!

Lily is doing great at school-I don't know if I ever posted about her conference, but she is still exceeding at everything and reading two grade levels ahead. She has got nothing but perfect behavior reports this year too, thank goodness. She is also still participating in her Bible study after school program on Fridays called Beach Club, and her counselor has nothing but great things to say about how much fun she has and how often she speaks up.

Lily has been doing great at church, easily memorizing most of her memory verses. She LOVES Sundays, and she even likes helping us in the nursery with the babies. During Spring Break, she got to go see the Lorax with her BFF Skyler and family, we visited my sister's new apartment and had a ladies lunch out, and she has seriously been the biggest helper ever! Two weeks worth of chore money, and she purchased new pink headphones for her hand me down Ipod.

Parker is turning into such a big boy. He is 21 months old, and is currently sporting a fever for what I believe to be some molars coming in. He has started putting two words together, but that is as close as he has come to sentences so far. Parker started tumbling class about a month ago, and he seems to like walking on the balance beam. Parker also started going to a little in home day care once a week. The lady attends our church, and she keeps two other little boys close to Parker's age. Parker already talks about "Luke" and "Jake." He seems to have so much fun-they play outside every day on the playground, and she has a huge playroom. It has been very nice for both of us to have a little break.

He also still seems like such a little baby. Parker is nowhere near potty learning, and he still likes to nurse on one side to get settled for sleep (although I pretty much have no milk and its rather painful, I haven't totally cut him off yet!) I really don't mind, he can stay a baby as long as he wants! I know how quickly it will all pass. I'm really not worried about washing more diapers when the new baby comes or anything like that. Just because he is going to be a big brother doesn't mean he needs to rush out of sleeping in his crib or instantly start going to preschool. I've never understood that! I still try to dress him in onesies when I can, he he he.

He is still very high maintenance and stubborn, but he is also becoming more goofy and animated. Him and Lily can really act crazy and have so much fun, and all Shane and I do is laugh and laugh.

This weekend is Easter Weekend! We will certainly be busy with family stuff as well as church! Have a great weekend.

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