April 5, 2012

Our OTHER new additons

We have 6 new additions to the Mahaffey family-6 chicks! We've had them about a month or so, and we hope that by summer, we will be eating free range fresh eggs! We purchased them, their food, and other supplies at the Tractor Supply store near our house. They slept inside for the first week or two, but they moved outside to their coop, and they have really begun to thrive. They love Lily, and they pretty much can't stand Shane and myself. One of Lily's main chores now is to feed and water and check on the chicks. Parker will scream, "Chick! chick!" but he is way too scared to get too close.

Here are our babies when we first got them:

Here they are trying out the coop for the first time. We used to just put them out there during the day and bring them in at night.

The only picture I have of the coop:

Here is the most recent picture I have of them, although they probably have more feathers now:

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