November 16, 2011

Parker 16.5 Month Update

I haven't done a Parker update in forever, so I have to get this all down so I don't forget what he is doing right now. The kids both have doctor's appointments tomorrow, and I am curious to see how he is growing.

Right now, Parker is 16.5 months. He is down to pretty much one 2.5 hour nap a day, but sometimes he'll still take two naps. He still wakes up at night sometimes, but he is doing better. We go in spurts. Those teeth are vicious. He still sleeps in his crib, always on his tummy, and he still loves his sound machine to go to sleep. He now wakes up and starts yelling "Mommy!"

Parker is still nursing-but usually just to go to sleep or when he feels nervous. He always wants to nurse at other peoples houses or when we are with friends and my attention is not all on him. Today, he didn't nurse for the first time until 2 pm when he woke up from his nap. So, like I said, he doesn't nurse much, but I really don't know what will make him ask for "boobie."

Parker loves to graze and snack, and meals are hit or miss. He loves walking around and playing while he's eating, and he really hates his high chair now. I've taken to letting him eat at the big table, just so he'll be still. He really likes any cereal, most vegetables, especially carrots, cantaloupe, salsa, yogurt, any kind of cracker or chips (esp. Stacy's Pita Chips), any dip, tomatoes, pickles, spaghetti, pizza, and waffles. Meats are dicey-sometimes he ignores them, but yesterday he ate deli turkey for lunch, and he gobbled up his ground turkey taco for dinner this evening. He loves lollipops, but other than that, he doesn't really beg or immediately notice sweets like Lily does.

Parker is still obsessed with any balls he can throw. He's got a pretty good arm going. HE loves being outside all the time, he loves all animals, and he recently became obsessed with the moon. He likes looking for planes and cars too. I'm trying to think what else...he recently learned how to hit, and that is something that is really difficult to explain to him. I usually just tell him to love and I show him a better way to express himself. It isn't working SO great, but he does give more love than hits most of the time.

Oh, and here are all the words that he is saying: (no sentences yet!)
Chase (his uncle)
Faith (his cousin)
dog dog
Oscar (which also kind of sounds like dog dog)
Hi !
Bye Bye!
Hello? (to answer the phone)
Uh oh
Cheese (to take a picture)
Thank you
Moo! (cow)
Ruff ruff (dog)
Meow (kitty)
Num nums (food)
Bite (when he wants a bite of our food)
Gone gone
Ow! (when I brush his hair)
Deef (teeth-he wants his toothbrush)

He can follow simple directions, like bring me your diaper, throw this in the garbage, shut the door. He seems to really understand what I say-when I tell him we're going to get Lily from the bus stop, he is SO excited.

I'll close with my Facebook status today: " It is amazing what little people can teach us. I have learned so much about myself as a mother and a person since having this boy. He throws me for a loop almost constantly, but that goofy laugh melts my heart and his grins make every challenging moment worth it."

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