November 16, 2011

House Updates

We closed on our new house on October 31st. Since then, my mom and I have cleaned it (over 10 hours of cleaning). We have had all the rooms painted, the front porch and mailbox painted, the front porch pressure washed, and the carpet stretched. We also had to get a broken window replaced. Yesterday, we got our alarm system moved over as well.

Whew! So now, we need to have an exterminator come through, get the carpets cleaned, and get the basement and the garage cleaned up. After Thanksgiving, we should start moving in. I hope to be moved in by Christmas. As soon as we get everything done, I will start posting pictures. The fun thing about this house is that while it looks great, we will be continually upgrading and completing projects. I'm really looking forward to the change. Anyways, this house has been consuming most of my thoughts and time lately, so I felt that I had to give an update.

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