November 17, 2011

Kids Well Check Up and Stats

This afternoon, I took the kids to their seven year and (belated) 15 month check ups, respectively. It was a long appointment, and I was so ready to get.out.of.there. However, both the kiddos are doing great.

Lily: Lily was 52 pounds and 47 inches tall, putting her in the 50% for both. She did great on her hearing and vision, and she totally freaked out when she got her finger pricked. Other than that, she was her usual talkative self. She spun around on the doctor's chair, read all the books, and treated herself and Parker to a lollipop after their visit. She even gave the doctor a hard time:

Doctor: What do you do when you ride your bike?
Lily: I usually do some little jumps, and I stand on my pegs.
Doctor: I mean, for safety.
Lily: Oh, wear my helmet.

Doctor: What do you do when you get in a car?
Lily: Take the key and start the engine.
Doctor: What do YOU do, YOU, for safety??
Lily: Oh, buckle up!

Seriously...what a little smart mouth sometimes! But luckily, the doctor was full of humor.

Parker: Parker was 22.2 pounds and 30.5 inches tall, putting him in the 10% for both. He has been on the small side, and I'm sure I voiced my concern in previous months. However, the doctor said he is growing according to his own growth curve. He has been steadily gaining weight. So there is no need for concern. WHAT A RELIEF! His face was priceless while the doctor measured his head and checked his tummy. He looked so dang serious, but so curious at the same time. Adorable.

So glad it's over, but also thrilled to hear my children are healthy and fabulous. But of course, I already knew this...

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