August 23, 2011

Our Busy Little Lives

Update time on the Mahaffey Family!

We are busy as ever, and we're only getting busier. Does anyone else feel like Fall is wedding season? I've had two bridal showers back to back, and two wedding coming up in October. Lily is a flower girl in one, and nope, I haven't found her dress yet (or even thought about what the rest of us are going to wear and how Parker's going to behave at two different wedding...) And no, I haven't booked our flights to Boston for one of the weddings. Actually, I haven't even RSVPed to either, even though I plan on attending both. Every now and then, my former college procrastinating self emerges. The one that wrote papers last minute and studied in the hall right before the test. The one that said she was going to get up early and cram but hit the snooze button twice? You ever been there? But I really really digress...

Shane is great-he has been working, playing softball, and putting up with the rest of us. Gotta love him! I really don't brag on him enough-the fact that he works hard enough to provide for his family and that I am able to stay home and support the children and take care of everything is more amazing than I can describe, and I am so thankful that he does that!

Lily is doing SO great at school. She is reading like a champ, and she hasn't gotten in trouble at all. She had her first softball practice last night, and she got recruited by a coach last night! Major proud Mama moment. She is just the sweetest thing ever. Her birthday is next month-Mama has GOT to start planning. This evening, she had a neighborhood friend who is Chase's friend tell her she couldn't play. She grabs my phone, calls Mimi (Chase's mom) to speak to Chase, and was happy when Chase told her, "I'll handle it Lily." Then they told each other they loved each other and hung up. I love it. Mahaffey loyalty is something not to be messed with.

And sweet Parker...the one everyone calls handsome, beautiful, mamas boy, and clingy? Well, he is all of those things, and I wouldn't change it for anything. And I DO get away on occasion, once I sneak off, he'll play for up to four or so hours and be fine. He just seriously LOVES his mother. And why wouldn't he? He's almost 14 months. He almost runs everywhere. He loves saying gone gone about everything, and he still calls me Dada.

I'm just holding down the fort. Cleaning house, cleaning my car (I'm a bit obsessed), laundry, carpool line, couponing, playing with the kids, homework, taking care of Parker (talk about a full time job) keeping Shane's cousin two days a week after school, attending church, driving to everyone's different events, and not a whole lot of cooking lately (whoops). I even cleaned up the garage some today. I'm ready for a good book to read. And waiting on the weather to get cooler. I did make yummy BBQ shredded chicken sandwiches last night.

Well, let me get back to relaxing. I don't do it enough. The kids are asleep...silence is golden!

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