August 17, 2011

It's been two weeks!

Whew, I'm back. I think I just now thought about my neglected blog today. Between two weeks of traveling, starting school, and some other big things going on with this family, it's safe to say we've been busy. So where were we?

We went to the Cape to visit my aunt and uncle the second day of school (yes, bad Mother, Lily missed three days of school. Yet had no makeup work? So, obviously, it wasn't too terribly awful!) We ate tons of food, went out on the boat to the ocean, went to the lake, and just chilled. I love being with my family more than anything. Plus, my cousin's fiance had a new baby girl Annabelle (it's safe to say I am in love and have even more of baby fever!)

Lily and Annabelle:

My kids with their great grandparents:

Boat fun:

At the lake (check out the brave ducks!)

The week after we got back, I threw Lily on the school bus and tried to make sense of everything. I hosted a bridal shower at the house on Sunday that went very very well. I served the best champagne punch I've ever tasted. The bride, Shane's cousin Aja, STOCKED UP, ok? I was super jealous.

Here are some shots that her mom took from the party. I was low key after Parker's insane party, but I made a cute centerpiece and did lots of purple and silver, which are her colors. I didn't get a shot of the mantel, but you can see it a little bit in the picture with the presents. I looove tealights. I made some really cute A's painted purple with little wedding rings on them too.

Now we're home. The house is quiet and clean. I started back couponing and getting into my and Parker's routine. Next is softball starting, Lily's birthday-she's going for an inflatable party, and I'm trying to encourage Build a Bear with a small number of kids, and some more stuff that I hope I can actually talk about soon on here (no, I'm not pregnant-YET anyways, bwah ha ha!)

xoxo, Callie

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