August 25, 2011

Baby Wearing Withdrawl

I have always wanted to wear Parker since before he was born. It is so much easier than a stroller, and I think it's a huge bonding experience. I always feel sad for little babies in their car seats in Target (now when Parker was tiny and asleep, don't think I'm that great of a mom that I took him out. I left him for my sanity and slight selfishness so I could sip my Starbucks!) I wore Lily in a little Snugli when she was born, but hated it. I even wore Parker in the same Snugli as a newborn. It's just not comfortable, and you don't really feel any sort of bonding. I got rid of the Snugli.

Here is one of the few times I wore the Snugli with Parker. I feel so bad...Parker looks like he is just dangling!

I got a Moby Wrap as a shower gift. I've tried and tried to get the hang of it. In the summer, it was way too hot. Parker and I were both about to faint. Another thing is, I'm not exactly stupid, but I could never get it as tight as I wanted. I saw others wearing their babies in Mobys and the babies look perfect and the moms look comfortable. I just can't figure out the darned Moby! Maybe it's too much fabric. I still have it, folded in the drawer, and I MAY pull it back out (if I have a newborn in the winter or something....)

This is the Moby wrap worn correctly:

When Parker was around 8 months, I bought a sling from Seven Slings. It has been ok. He's right next to me, he feels safe. I can't really do any housework in it, but it was great for when we are outside. He's enjoyed that sling and so have I, but now that he's big, it KILLS my back. Also, the thing about slings is that I am wary of them for newborns because I would be worried it would push the baby's chin to his or her chest and he or she might not be able to breathe.

Here is Parker enjoying his sling:

Usually his arm is out. He actually was more comfortable than he looks, I think he was just cold that day or something.

Parker has become a shopping terror. I have bribed with cookies from Publix, walked around the store with a screaming child in the buggy, you name it... I think returning to baby wearing might be the answer.

So now...even though Parker is 14 months, I am attempting something new. My mom and I are going to make a Mei Tai! Next week. If I put it in writing, we absolutely must do it.

Mei Tais are pretty expensive, but making one will be amazing. Here is a picture of what we are trying to make:

There are tons of free patterns. Wish us luck! I hope that our baby wearing relationship can be improved and extended!


  1. I LOVE my mei tai! You're right about the moby being too hot in the summer. I do love mine though. You need to come and pick up my mei tai- I'm telling you, you should test it out and use THIS pattern. Everyone who has seen it loves it and tries to buy it from me. It has a more narrow in the crotch so your baby isn't spread eagle on you.

  2. Next time I'm over, I'm going to put Parker in and try yours out! My mom would love to use it as a reference!