July 25, 2011

Lost My Six Flags V-Card

25 years old (well, 26 today, hint hint!) and never been to Six Flags. Well, that changed last Thursday when we took the kiddos to Six Flags. Growing up, DH had Season Passes most summers, and knew the roller coaster's twists and turns by heart. He finally introduced us to the wonders of Six Flags.

Most of the people with us had Season Passes, Lily had a free pass from school, and Shane and I got 50% off tickets. So it was very economical as well. We got a bunch of the $13 cups that you got refills for free the whole day (we were all so Diet Coke-d out it wasn't even funny!)Us Mahaffey's are quite cheap, thrify, smart!

I've been to Disney World countless times, and while Six Flags doesn't even compare to the MOST magical place on earth, I was extremely refreshed at the very short lines for the rides. It wasn't nearly as crowded as the Magic Kingdom is! Lily got to ride ROLLER COASTERS (I can't believe she was tall enough!) Parker even rode a few rides in the kid's area. I actually rode Batman and lived to tell the tale (and I loved it! I screamed louder than Shane's 9 year old cousin though!)

We went with Shane's aunt and uncle, their two kids and three friends, and Shane's sister Lanay. It was insanely hot, but luckily, we got to cool off at the mini water park-Skull Island.

Being there reminds me of how much I love Disney World though. We took Lily when she was three, and I hope to plan an amazing family trip there in the next couple years ,when Parker is big enough.

Here are some shots from the day...we went totally redneck with cutoffs, wife beats, Shane's makeshift tank top, and for some reason, Parker lost his shorts half way through (but he was in cloth, so he was still super cute!)


  1. I love Six Flags! I haven't been in years but I remember the Batman being AWESOME.

    And, seriously, it's been so hot/cloth diapers are so cute...I purposefully leave J's pants at home.

  2. OH my gosh! I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well! (A little belated now.)

  3. LOL, thanks!!! And I like showing off the cloth dipes in lieu of pants too, he he he!