July 14, 2011

Decorations from the Party

This is where our theme started. I found this owl iron on on Etsy and ordered it. Parker wore this to his birthday party.

The banner: We used cardstock from Michaels. My mom traced the letters with the wooden letters they also sell there. She cut the paper into flag shapes, and glued the paper letters on. Then we glued them onto the ribbon. I'm going to hang this banner in his room now because I love it so much.

We used the wooden P and glued cardstock paper over it too.

Pictures: We glued some of my favorite pictures of Parker to cardstock and also glued to ribbon. It was a bit heavy, and this was the best way we could hang it, but it came out adorable!

Mantel Decoration: We bought this cute owl from a store at the mall called EarthBound. Then we made some little candy bags with the little owl tags that we made from cardstock and used an owl stamp. The kids got to tie their goody bags with the rest of the owl tags. My mom made some paper flowers out of tissue paper. We got the idea from the Martha Stewart website.

We made this little decoration to go outside by the front door, and we used his invitation. I glued his invitation to a dowel that I bought at Walmart for .25 and painted blue. To make the bottom, I wrapped a roll of toilet paper with tissue paper and tied with ribbon.

I made the centerpiece for the table the same way. My mom made this owl out of felt, and glued it to cardstock.

We made some cupcake toppers by cutting out little flags of cardstock paper, and gluing them to toothpicks.

Candy Table: We filled up tons and tons of candy into various sized apothecary jars and other serving bowls. I also made a little handmade sign that said "Sweet Shop."

Here are a few other shots:

Lots of work, but so much fun. I don't think the pictures do everything justice. It all looked amazing. Lots of cardstock, glue, tissue, and ribbon!

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