January 13, 2011

Whats Mahaffe-ning?

Not a whole lot-but here is life lately in list form!

1. We have been snowed in for almost 5 days. Lily has been out of school for almost 5 days. We finally ventured to the grocery store today. Shane finally went back to work today. It has been fun spending time with family and relaxing, but I'm going stir crazy. We played countless hours on the Wii, we watched (get ready for this) Nightmare on Elmstreet 3 AND 4, Poltergeist, Felon, Boondock Saints, and Death at a Funeral to name A FEW movies. Speaking of being out of school, I'm glad I didn't plan anything for Lily's winter break because I just found out it was canceled due to this week off school.

2. I have been eating like a crazy person. I finally realized over these 5 days, we have made brownies, a cake, s'mores, and cookies. YIKES. We have also made big breakfasts and ate tons of comfort food for dinner (we've been guests at Shane's family's dinner tables, how could I refuse chili and beef stew and pork tenderloin?)I guess that's what boredom will do.

3. I have eight new Minky diapers coming for Parker (one size, pocket diapers to be exact) and also a new sling to tote Parker around in. I'm so excited for my packages to arrive I can't stand it! I'm also going to order a new wetbag (well, replace the one that broke) but I'm still waiting on the girl to figure out a code to where I don't have to pay for shipping.

4. I had a really bad cold and cough last week, but I am finally feeling better.

5. Shane and I got baptized last Sunday. It was amaaaazing. Our family came to share the special day with us. Unfortunately, I left our wet clothes and towels at church, so that will be yucky to wash when I finally get them back.

6. It's almost baby time! Several friends will be having babies very very soon, and I can't wait to meet these new little friends and snuggle with some newborn sweethearts! Shane would kill me for saying this, but these newbies COULD induce some baby fever. No worries, Parker will still wake me up at 1 am, I can pretend I have a newborn!

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