January 4, 2011

A Good Day for a Blog Post

I'm glad I did a favorite 2010 post because I certainly forgot to make a New Year's post. No exciting resolutions to mention, just the usual of gym, eat healthy, etc. Anyways, Parker is napping right now, so I figured it would be nice to do a little post while I'm enjoying my lunch.

We had a great New Years-Lily even stayed up til midnight for the first time. All the kids did in fact. We spent the evening with Shane's family-and it was so nice to hug and kiss everyone and tell them Happy New Year! Since we were up so late (including P, who was ready to nurse and have a clean dipe around midnight),we all slept in til 9 30. It was sooo nice. We spent the day at the mall and had dinner with Shane's aunt and uncle.

Sunday was Parker's baby dedication. It was such a nice ceremony, and it even brought tears to my eyes. Shane's entire family came, and we even had another couple come who are expecting a little one in about five weeks. It was also an AMAZING service, so I was glad everyone came that day. Alas, no pictures.

School has FINALLY started back today! Hooray! Parker and I are just chilling. He is cutting another tooth (he has two bottom ones) so he is already on his THIRD nap today. Poor little guy.

Now, I must enjoy my soup and my DVR!

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