January 22, 2011

One of the best ways to save money

I've been making Parker's baby food for almost two months now, and wow, I didn't realize how money we have been saving.

I looked at Walmart last week. The cheapest baby food seems to be Beach Nut, and the Stage One jars are 0.56 each. The Stage Two jars are .78. Gerber and the organic are far more. Not to mention those little Gerber Graduate meals, which are ridiculously high and a huge waste of money, IMO. Plus, you can buy the organic baby food, but think about it-if Gerber is selling the regular baby food, and the organic, how different can it REALLY be?

Parker so far has tried applesauce, bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, and newly, carrots. He eats both pureed baby food and also slices of fruits and veggies in his mesh baby feeder. I've made all of it homemade, except the applesauce, which I buy the no sugar added applesauce, and Lily also eats those.

I bought two sweet potatoes for $1 at Kroger. Those made 28 meals. That means, each meal was .03. Less than a PENNY a meal!

I bought a bag of carrots at Walmart for .78. Those also made 28 meals, and each meal costs .02. Also less than a PENNY a meal.

The savings are incredible.I even mix in some breastmilk with lots of my baby food for extra benefits. The best part is, all your baby is getting is the vegetable or fruit. No preservatives or any junk.

I use my food processor to blend the veggies or fruits. Some veggies and fruits do not need to be cooked or steamed, like avocados and bananas. For sweet potatoes and carrots, you can bake or steam them and then puree them. I use the website www.wholesomebabyfood.com for a reference, and I love it!

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