November 10, 2010

Belated 4 month post

So much for a four month post. We actually had to cancel Parker's four month checkup last week due to insurance ISSUES, but luckily, things have been resolved and now he is going tomorrow. four months-Parker is still eating every three to four hours (breastfeeding four months and counting, confident that we will go much much longer!) We have very casually introduced some rice cereal (made pretty soupy with lots of mommy milk). He looooves it, but sometimes it stops him up, so I am slow to really start it. And shocker-it didn't change his sleep patterns at all! People say babies will STTN after they eat baby food, but I really don't believe it now. He still wakes up once a night to eat around 3, or he'll sleep til 5 30 and then eat. Much better than the insanity that was last week. We've been doing some sleep boot camp, and he has been STTN more and more. Being positive WORKS!

He has three little teeth still coming in, the only thing you can see are the little white buds. Could be why he was fussing during the night last week. But I just got him an amber teething necklace from the Inspired By Finn website, and we looooove it. I would recommend them to anyone. And they look insanely adorable. Lily got one too, even though she obviously isn't teething. There are lots of other health benefits to wearing amber.

We've been attending church, and we're going to a informational class on Sunday about becoming members, which is really really exciting for our family. We know a great couple with three kids and one on the way who introduced us to the church, and I am so thankful that they did. Parker went to the nursery for the first time Sunday, and of course, he was an angel. I snuck a peek during the service, and he was snuggled up with a lady in a rocking chair. He won't do that with me!

I can't wait to scan in the kid's portrait from The Picture People last night. $9 for six sheets! I'm excited to share!

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