November 17, 2010

Quick Stats/ Homemade Baby Food

From the doctor last Thursday...

1. Parker weighs 15 pounds, 2 ounces, putting him in the 50% (I know, I was shocked too. I thought he was huge).

2. Parker is 24 1/2 inches long, putting him in the 31%.

3. Parker got two shots and one oral vaccine. (slightly fussy, but overall, AWESOME!! So proud of him) He nursed afterwards, which really seemed to help IMO. Endorphins and what not.

4. The white spots I thought were teeth were NOT teeth. I forget what they called them, but I stand corrected!! No teeth for this baby yet.

Also, I am now officially making baby food! I started on Monday, and I made a few batches of bananas. It was super easy. For most foods, you have to steam or bake them and then puree them, but with bananas (and avocados and a few others), you don't need to steam or cook them first. I learned everything from dear friends and Today I made a BIG batch of sweet potatoes that will last a long time. All you do is steam or bake, puree, put in ice cube trays, freeze, and then pop out and store in a freezer bag. It's super easy to pull out a cube or two and heat them up when it's meal time. I hope he likes them! We'll be starting those Monday. I'm planning on introducing one new food a week for now. We're still moving slowly. I need to get some funny pictures, but I never seem to have my camera by me when he's eating.

Finally, a SUPER belated Halloween picture-my little witch and little skelton!

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