September 26, 2010

We're Walking on Eggshells!

Parker cried for the first three hours of his life. He was very vocal. I heard him down the hall while I was in recovery. Maybe this should have been a hint.
My little boy has had a seriously intense weekend. He has been so ill and fussy. He's totally stopped sleeping through the night, and he has been waking up twice to eat and fuss, usually around midnight and three a.m. Even worse, he hardly wanted to nurse today and screamed when I tried to get him to latch on. He seemed to prefer a bottle! I was devastated. That little traitor! When he's not crying, he's usually in his swing, and we are careful to avoid eye contact or talk too loudly, for this seems to make him madder.

Parker mean mugging his momma:

I don't think its gas, and he won't turn three months til Tuesday, so I feel like it's really early for teeth to come in. And no fever. What is up? I finally got him to nurse around eight, and he dozed off. I'm hoping this bottle thing is just a phase. I'm going to hold off on them for a few days. I would hate to have to exclusively pump for the next ten months, but I would definietly do that before I would give him we will see.

We fondly remembered how good Lily was as a baby, and she was smug for a good portion of the afternoon.
Oh jeez:

Maybe Parker's just showing us his true colors. He has already proved to be an intense baby. But this is HARDCORE.

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