September 21, 2010

Waiting on Fall

I've been slacking in the blog area! Mostly because I don't always know what to type, as things pretty much stay the same. Everything has been going great-we've been super busy with the usual-school, ball, children, etc. Lily is on Fall Break this week, so I'm trying to find things to do. Mostly, we are still recovering from this past crazy weekend. My aunt and uncle came to town for two days. We went to a bazillion restaraunts and to the Aquarium and the park and my mom's house. It was a blast. Everytime they leave, I always want to move to the Cape. Hopefully someday we will. I think I could even convince Shane. Sunday was Lily's sixth birthday-I can't believe it. She is such a big girl now, and we had an amazing time. It always touches my heart the friends and family who come from all over to share her special day with her. It really means the world. We went to the park and cooked hotdogs, had a pinata, opened presents, and ate cake.

I also got my hair done by my friend at Van Michael in Buckhead yesterday, and it was a nice escape. What else... my dad is in town Wednesday to celebrate Lily's birthday, and I am also meeting up with long lost overdue friends. I can't wait.

Parker is doing so great-he has been sleeping through the night for the most part. One more month and I know we're going to be starting cereal. He is so so ready. He is almost rolling over. He holds his head up for long periods of time just great. He cooes, babbles, drools, smiles, and laughs. He's a joy!

I just got a gym membership, so I really need to bust it to knock out another 10 pounds.

Now we're just waiting on fall. Please leave heat! Please!

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