October 11, 2010

A Little Vampire

To be honest, I've been too busy to blog/too lazy to do so when I finally have down time. It's funny how days seemed SO long and boring when I was preggo, but now I look up and two hours have gone by with little accomplished!

Parker has officially been TEETHING. I'm not sure if I mentioned that in my last post. Yes, a three month old teething. It has been a rough experience to say the least. I've purchased Hyland's teething tablets, a teething ring, Infant Tylenol, you name it. I didn't jump the gun though, he had all the signs. He was drooling constantly, trying to put EVERYTHING in his mouth, you name it. My boobs have been chew toys for him. Sorry if that's TMI, but it is so true. He's been so ill, feverish, and grumpy! But, yesterday I saw the two tiny white buds, so I really hope we're going to get out of this soon.

I really did think that three months was that magic stage where babies become less newborn and more interactive and happy and like real little people. Parker definietly is like that 50% of the time. He laughs, talks, and is starting to grab for things. He's holding his head up like a pro! The Bumbo seat is in our near future, as well as some homemade baby food! But, there are those times where he is so ill and fussy that I'm floored and don't know what to do. It's practice, it's practice! Only 19 teeth to go after this! Hopefully I'll get a picture of the tooth to post soon. I'll leave with some recent cute pictures of my kiddos...most of them are from the ball park, which is where I spend 75% of my time!

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