September 2, 2010

Not ME!

Working out and dieting has been going great (well, not eating big bowls of ice cream like Shane and Lily hasn't been exactly great, but I have been surviving.) That being said, I cheat all the time. I've still been seeing results, but I'm totally ready to take it to the next level. I'm getting closer to my pre-pregnancy weight, but my body just looks different. Almost 10 weeks postpartum, and my jeans still are super snug.

So...while breastfeeding, I still have to EAT, and eat meals, not a few baby carrots and a diet coke. Starting Monday, I have a few new rules for myself. If I don't post them on here, or say them outloud, it's like I haven't made it official. So here goes ( I love a good list!):

1. Eat more salads/veggies/fruit
...Duh, I know, I know. Salads are so yummy, and I'm wondering why I don't make more for myself or order them when we go out to eat. I ordered a grilled chicken salad at Texas Roadhouse on Sunday, and it was delish! I definietly think I can enjoy that just as much as a steak and mashed potatoes. Sort of. Plus, I read somewhere that cucumbers are an awesome thing to snack on, and tomatoes and watermelon are great when you're trying to get healthy.

2. No more alcohol during the week.
I hope I don't sound like a total lush. When I was preggo with P, I never drank. At all. Before then, well, sometimes it was like, party at my house!! Haha. But I digress. Since I've been pumping, I carefully time it so that I can have a drink here and there. Thus, that here and there may be on a tiresome Monday or a boring Thursday. But, I think that's more of a special priveledge, and it needs to be reserved for weekends only. Who needs all those extra calories anyway?

3. Walk faster! I need to start walking with more speed! Heart rate up, sweat, the whole nine yards. Enough said!

4. Do my stretches and other exercizes. I need to be keeping up with my plank pose, my leg lifts, and my crunches. Those are easy to forget.

Here is the plank pose: (hold as long as you can)

5. More water-I need this for breastfeeding, but I always forget about water. I don't know why...speaking of which, I need to limit myself to ONE diet soda a day too. For myself and for baby P.

Most importantly, I think I need to say, GET HEALTHY insead of GET SKINNY. I want to be thin of course, but I REALLY want to be healthy and set good examples for my kids (probably stop buying Lily chocolate ice cream, right?)

I'll keep you posted!



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