July 10, 2010

Warning-EXTRA long post!

It took me a lot longer than I anticpated to get on here and actually blog about Parker's birth. I forgot how much work a newborn is. We're loving every minute of it though. Parker is such a joy, and we are so so happy that he is part of our family now.

Deep breath...so, the story of Parker's birth.

We arrived at the hospital around 615 the morning of Monday 6/28. I got signed in, and I went back to get ready. First, they took my blood pressure and monitored the baby. All was going well. Then the nurse had some big white bag/blanket thing that I had to put over me to heat up my body temperature (the way she explained it, it was good for recovery?) I had never heard of it. I also got my IV. When I was laying there, I started to get really hot and claustrophobic, and I think I freaked myself out a little. People kept coming in and introducing themselves to me, nurses, etc. But I just felt a bit freaked out-this was really happening.

I got wheeled back to the operating room, and Shane had to wait behind. I was then really freaking out. I got my spinal, and things got weird. It's so weird not being able to move/feel your lower body. I felt very very out of it. I got some oxygen, and they put in the catheter (which I didn't feel, thank goodness.) The next thing I knew, the doctor was there, and someone ran to get Shane, who had suited up in his scrubs and grabbed the camera.

The whole process seemed to take awhile. I felt really really tired and generally out of it. Shane watched the whole thing and took lots of pictures. Parker arrived at 8:16 am weighing 7 lbs., 5 oz. He came out SCREAMING. I cried when I heard him cry.

They brought him over to meet me, and I got to kiss his little cheek.

After I met him, they took him to the nursery to get cleaned up, and Shane followed. I had to hang out in the OR to get stiched up, and then they wheeled me to recovery. I wasn't in recovery long at all. After less than an hour, I was wheeled to my room. My mom and my sister were waiting for me. After what seemed like forever, they FINALLY brought Parker to my room so I could nurse him. He actually latched on right away.

L came by in the afternoon to visit. The rest of the time at the hospital was a slight blur. We had lots of visitors-including Shane's parents, his grandmother, his sister and brother, my dear friend Katherine, and Shane's uncle, aunt, and cousins. I finally got up the next day, and it was slow process, but I walked a bit and took a shower. I was so glad when we got to go home.

We took Parker back to the doctor on Friday because he seemed a little yellow. Unfortunately, his levels of the chemical (I can't for the life of me spell it) were extremely high and we had to take him to another hospital, which was 45 minutes from our house. We were in the pediatric ward, and he had to lay under special lights from about 2 pm-6 am the following morning. I hated seeing him laying there naked, even though I know he probably was cozy. They took blood every four hours, which he HATED. He also had an IV, which he also HATED. Luckily, his levels were down enough to where we could go home Saturday evening. We've been back to the doctor three times since then, and thankfully, his levels have continued to go down, so he is out of the danger zone now. :o)

Parker is nursing wonderfully...and he is so sweet and good. He is very laid back, unless you change his diaper or he realizes he is hungry. I look forward to posting lots more on this precious baby!

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