July 20, 2010

So that I remember...

I think that people block out the sleepless nights, the unstoppable crying, and the 15+ dirty diapers a day of the first few weeks with a newborn. I know I did with Lily. I just changed her adorable outfits and gazed at her lovely face all day. You remember them being all cuddly, soft, sleepy, and smelling like baby shampoo. And they are-but certainly not ALL the time. I really want to use this blog to remember exactly how Parker was-so that I can have a point of reference (either for friends...or myself, if Shane keeps trying to form a baseball team.)

Feeding: Parker is nursing really well. I had soreness for the first two weeks-never any bleeding or cracked nipples. I hardly used any lanolin at all. I've been needing breastpads still. I can tell when I'm getting really full, and when I have a letdown. I have a really fast letdown-so Parker is a quick nurser, but if he's not careful, he may get sprayed in the face. It's also pretty cool that I have decent sized boobs for the first time ever.

I'm not saying I'm a pro or anything, but we're really getting the hang of things. He seems to be eating every three hours, but sometimes its every two hours. During the evenings, he acts like he hasn't had a bite to eat in days...something I saw online called it "cluster feeding." Scheduling just doesn't seem possible yet. He will scream and scream if I don't immediately offer him my boob, and other times, he will have his little mouth shut super tight and won't take any. He also loves to snack, which we are trying to get away from, but he does that more when he has a bottle. I started pumping during the second week. I try to only pump and give the bottle when we're somewhere I don't feel comfortable nursing. He's gotten more used to the bottle, but he really prefers the breast, and to be honest, breastfeeding is SOOOO much easier than bottle feeding. I never realized it-the milk is always at the right temperature, you don't have to wash any bottles or use the right water, and you never forget anything!

Sleep: Like I said above, we really don't have a concrete schedule. Parker is far away from sleeping through the night, and I still have a hard time getting up and being chipper. I just feel so tired...! I'm ok during the day, and I manage to converse and feed Lily of course. The longest he'll go is three hours, and it gets shorter once the morning light appears. For example, I'll try to stay up til eleven to feed him one last time, then he'll get up at two and five...and then it's like, six thirty...eight fifteen...and then I finally give in and get up for the day. I think he's just ready for human interaction.

We started Parker in our room in his bassinett, and last week, I moved him to his nursery (still in his bassinett.) I think the three hour stretches of sleep I get are deeper now because I'm not on pins and needles listening to him breath or wondering if he's going to start fussing.

I'm a terrible swaddler, but last night, I realized he was finally big enough for his Swaddle Me Blanket that I got from my shower, and he seemed to enjoy that (it seemed like a straight jacket to me.) He really likes taking a paci, but I try to stay away from it in the evening because it will drive me insane. I just got a Wubbanub yesterday, and it does seem to stay in his mouth a bit better, but he's months away from being able to handle the paci himself.

Parker loves to nap during the day-most of the day. He loves to be held while he's sleeping, especially on your chest. He will sleep in his carseat too, but if he wakes up and realizes he is in his carseat, he will totally freak out. I'm still not sure why.

His Loves and Hates:
1. Loves-his swing (life saver!), his bouncy seat, his paci, his Daddy!, his Boppy seat, rocking in his glider, sleeping on people's chests, nursing, being outside, riding in his Moby wrap, getting his hair washed, fans, having his hair brushed, getting lotion put on, and newly, his Swaddle Me blanket

2. Hates- having his diaper changed, waking up and realizing he is in his carseat, getting dressed and undressed, not being held immediately when he realizes he isn't being held, visiting the doctor, when his paci falls out, when I try to pretend like I'm in charge

What a long post! The other thing I was going to write about was my c-section recovery, but I'll save that for next time! I'll leave with some more pictures of course...

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