July 12, 2010

Thoughts on a new baby

Happy two week birthday Parker!

Things have been going pretty well so far. Parker has taken to nursing absolutely wonderfully, and I have really had very little pain. It's been slightly stressful hoping he is getting enough and attempting not to get engorged. I'm still learning! However, I have to pat myself on the back because I was absolutely terrified of nursing, and I think I've done a good job...thanks to alot of help from several great mommy friends who nursed, and a wonderful book I borrowed from a friend. I've been a little sore, but other than that, I REALLY cannot complain. I've already nursed in public too-sort of. An Old Navy bathroom(blech) and the aisles of Kroger (no worries, he was hidden by his Moby wrap, which I also love.) Shane asked when I'll start pulling my boobs out in front of everyone, but as long as there's a quiet bedroom I can go to, or at the very least, a blanket to cover up with, I really don't see that happening. However, I think I scarred his little brother Chase at the hospital. But, I was pretty out of it, so I can't be blamed too much. Is eight too young to see your first boob? Hopefully it was scientific for him.

I've already started pumping, and he has had a couple of bottles. At first, he acted like it was poision, but now, he seems to be getting the hang of a bottle. He still prefers the boob though! Lily is dying to feed him (and Shane too-well, maybe). Plus, in a few weeks, I wouldn't mind escaping for a quick dinner, so it would be nice to have some milk stored up.

Life with two kids will continue to be an adjustment for a while. I realized how stressed I was over perfection when I got home from the hospital. It killed me not to be vaccuming every day and making the beds. I finally mopped Friday, and it was such a relief. I'm just a big weirdo I think. I'm trying to relax for sure...but it's easier said than done. This week, we plan to pretty much sleep as late as Parker will let us, enjoy leisurely meals, and keep up with the laundry. We have lots of movies to watch, and Lily hopefully will get some more swimming in. We're going to eat oysters and gator on Wednesday for Cousin Garrett's birthday, and I'm very much looking forward to that. Plus-Shane is off this weekend, thank goodness! Last Saturday was a LONG day!

Lily has been a great big sister, but she hates it when Parker cries. Both kids had a nuclear meltdown one night in the car. Parker was hungry, and Lily had tears in her eyes, covering her ears, screaming, "Do something! Pull over! PLEASE pull out your boob and feed this guy!" I was half laughing, half crying myself. Good thing we were three minutes from home. She's acted out a little, but I think she's actually behaving the same way she always has, I just expected a bit much from her. Now when she wanders up the grocery aisle too far ahead, I'm more frusturated, as I'm handling two kids. But, overall, everyone has been spoiling her and paying attention to her, so she's been doing good. Shane and I MUST continue to have some patience. Easier said than done. But we're trying! Shane let her put hairbows in his hair and brush it the other day, so we're both working on it.

I need to upload more pictures-I will soon!


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