January 28, 2010

Remember, remember!

I do not want to forget that...

1. This week is the first week I felt the baby actually moving. I'm even feeling little kicks, which has been very exciting for me. I'm hoping that I will be able to let Shane and Lily feel soon too.

2. I feel like I am carrying much lower than I did with Lily. Almost like the baby is actually sitting on my bladder. I have to use the restroom tons of times during the day and several times at night (Sorry for TMI). I don't remember that fun activity starting until my third trimester with Lily.

3. The Chinese Gender predictor predicted a boy...but it also predicted Lily was a boy.

4. I've been wearing my maternity jeans for three weeks officially this weekend. That also came ALOT earlier than with Lily (around 15 weeks). But I do love my Motherhood jeans!!

I think that's it. I just had to quickly blog before these thoughts escape from my pregnancy brain-most thoughts are quite fleeting!

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