January 4, 2013

No more newborns

On Wednesday night, I got to snuggle my dear friends' precious newborn baby. He was so soft and tiny and sweet. Then, I came home to my big, 15 pound 4.5 month old, and I absolutely couldn't believe how old he seemed. I am sure I sound like a broken record, but time is flying!
Easten is supposed to be our last baby. Most days, I honestly think I am done. Three kids requiring care, attention, love, food, clothing, yes, it makes sense to only have three. Parker is absolutely a high maintenance child, and we are always busy with activities for Lily. But there is just something so, so wonderful about a newborn. It pulls at my heartstrings! I don't even like being pregnant, I'm always exhausted, and I'm still trying to lose baby weight, but I love a good newborn baby.
Luckily, Easten is taking it pretty easy on me. He still isn't rolling, although he really is trying. Last night, he even looked like he was trying to crawl! It was too funny. But his immobility still lets me pretend I have a newborn. His inability to roll is most likely largely due to his clingy-ness and neediness. That baby loves to be held and worn. He demands another human face in his face when he is not being held. He will talk and smile for hours, as long as you are right there by his side. So, no wonder he isn't rolling about the house, he certainly hasn't had much practice or much "tummy time." Isn't it funny how much more nurslings are considered "high maintenance" than formula fed babies? I really don't believe they are spoiled. The bond is absolutely incredible. They smell their mothers and feel safe, and what baby doesn't want to feel safe all the time? Sometimes, it does drive us crazy when I need a break, and Daddy is more than willing to hold baby. And Easten will have no part of it and will look around the room for me. When he looks and me and smiles that gigantic, toothless grin, I could melt right into the floor. Talk about unconditional love.
And he certainly keeps newborn hours, waking frequently to nurse throughout the night. Slaps me back into reality! He is slowly developing a sort of nap schedule. I really never leave the house until after lunch due to his 9 am desire for a nap-and it's also his longest and best nap of the day, so I do try to give him that. Makes for a happier baby and mama. He does only prefer to nap in his pack and play. No car seat or bouncy seat naps for this fellow. He's quite particular about that. He will sleep in his Moby wrap, but I discovered yesterday, he will NOT nap in the Mei Tai.
Little is drooling and gumming everything. He already hurts me when he nurses. I am a bit apprehensive about the teeth coming in because I have a feeling he may secretly enjoy the thrill of a bite. I need to look back and see when Parker got his first tooth. I think he may have already had one by now. Sophie the giraffe, an amber necklace, and a few Hyland's teething tablets are quite possibly a mama (and baby's) best friends lately.
Anyways, this post was supposed to be about how much I loved newborns, and how I just get the fever ever time I even see one, and how Easten isn't a newborn anymore, but it sort of turned into a little post on my precious youngest. Just so I'll remember. The fuzziness sets in... I barely remember Parker's first birthday at this point! Thus, the life of a Mama.

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