March 4, 2013

On why I haven't posted and an update on us

Well, I'm back. I'm sure my absence wasn't that surprising, as I am such a sporadic blogger. Unfortunately, I had an issue with a stranger sharing a picture of Lily on Facebook, and I completely freaked out about it and hid my blog for awhile. You really run a risk with the Internet.I was Googling the kids names and pictures of them were coming up. It is just scary. I took some precautions on my Facebook, I even deleted my Pinterest, which kept popping up when I Googled the kids names, and I of course reported and blocked the said weirdo sharing Lily's picture. So I am back, cautiously. I love blogs, and I love my blog, and I really want/need to write.

So much has happened since January 4. I won't pretend that I can catch up on everything. We've done so much, been so busy, had so much fun.

Hmmm...well, Shane is doing great. He just turned 28. He is about to start softball again this week, so the kids will love being outside and going to the ball park. Also, Shane moved to a different part of his company. As a result, it feels like he works much longer hours, and he goes in to the shop early almost every day. Very trying for us as well-we really miss him! We are proud of him for working so hard, and it makes us even more thankful when he is home. When he is home, he is almost always hard at work, doing something to the house. He cut a big window in the wall between our kitchen and our dining room, which really opened things up. He also cut out part of the wall in our basement, and we discovered tons of hiddem storage space under our stairs (we're on a split level). Our next projects will include replacing the garage doors, replacing the deck, and praying that I can get new kitchen cabinets and counter tops. The bright white has been known to cause seizures, lol.

I've been fine as well, working away on our house, caring for the kids, the usual. It seems as though there is always something to clean, something to fold, somewhere to go, or something to cook, but I will also say that I am very very thankful that spring is coming and that me and the kids can get outside. We are planning our garden, and we are hoping to get the backyard a bit more civilized and family friendly this spring.

Ah, so let me share. We had a little Valentine's Day photo shoot with my favorite photographer, Julianna Grey:

Lily is wonderful, of course. She participated in a a very small pageant that raised money for the high school. She wore an adorable pink dress, and she really enjoyed her Aunt Lanay fixing her hair and her makeup. She was so precious. I love that girl to pieces. Lily is also starting back with softball. Opening day is this coming up Saturday. She got all A's on her report card. She's still waiting on some promised guitar lessons. She is dying to go on a Daddy daughter date, so hopefully Shane will make that happen soon. They had a mini one a few weeks ago, and I know she was tickled. Oh, and her feet have taken to really growing! I hope the poor kid doesn't have my big feet. She has already moved up a size since school started. We had to buy new cleats! She told me not to buy her ANY dresses or skirts for spring. Sigh... but she wants new boots "for the yard" she says, and "a bunch of flip flops." Lily gets to fly with me to the Cape next month. She is very excited. Her spring break comes up in about a month. Second grade has proven to be a bit more difficult than first, but she is taking it in strides. She is learning how to tell time. :)

Parker is his crazy 2.5 year old self, with a short fuse and a strong personality. He can melt in a second, but he can also joke and laugh and have a pretty entertaining conversation with you. He's been sleeping in Lily's room in his TODDLER bed (more on that later) and he usually wakes up on the floor near the closet or even under Lily's bed. He still is wearing diapers...oops. He goes to his babysitter about once a week, and we also just started a music class together. So far, Easten seems to like the music a lot more than he does. But we'll see. Parker loves playing outside, going to Chik-a-licious (Chik Fil A), and he is Lily's little shadow. He calls Easten his baby brother, and he is so excited about our Disney trip this summer that he asks almost daily if he can ride the teacups. Oh, and he was such a big boy and rode with Lily and Daddy in the giant inner tubes down Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain a week or two ago. I will actually be leaving him for the first time next month when I take a short trip up to the Cape to see some family. I know he will be fine, but I have intense Mommy guilt, and I'm terrified I will miss him to pieces. I leave on a Friday night and come home on a Wednesday afternoon, but Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will be SO weird. Poor guy (he'll probably have a blast with Shane, our families, and his friends if he goes to the babysitter or my best friend Anna's house).

Easten-the ever growing baby! Easten is 6.5 months old??? What??? He is sitting up, eating (baby led weaning, so no pureed baby food, but plenty of bite sized pieces of fruit, beans, veggies, and whatever else we happen to eat that is healthy). He says "mmm!" whenever he eats, it's a riot. He teethed on a cold green apple the other night and loved it. He is still breastfeeding great, but he is definitely not as into it as Parker was, unless he's really tired and then he will occasionally nurse for comfort. He has two bottom teeth, but that's it so far. He smiles all the time, unless he's really tired, and he doesn't seem to know a stranger yet. That will come though. He still wakes up twice at night, but if you know me, you know I don't have the heart to let him cry or self soothe. We did move him into the boys room, but since he still wakes up, we moved Parker into Lily's room. The sleeping arrangement is not ideal, but it's not permanent either. Thus, I am a tired mama, but this stage is so fleeting, so I try to remember that. He weighs a little over 18 pounds. He had his first ear infection...I'm trying to think. We just got an Ergo for me to wear him in. He's getting heavy. He gets to fly with me to the Cape too, as he is a nursling.

Whew. So there you have it. The Mahaffey update. And we're ready for spring! I even dared to try on my bathing suit this morning, and if Easten keeps nursing and I keep running around, I MAY be decent once the summer hits. I need a tan...


  1. Love the update. Concise and to the point. You and I blog the same way, here and there, probably never as much as we'd like! I think I barely have time with two kids and you have three! I should probably just stop my complaining now! haha I LOVE the last picture of you and Easten with him looking up at you. Glad to see he likes the bath though. My 8 month old is like a cat the second his feet touch the water! I'm still BFing too, but we don't have any teeth yet! (Hate to say it, but thank God!)

    And regarding the stranger stealing and sharing the pic of Lily.. that would freak me out too. Hopefully nothing like that happens again!

  2. Hi Callie, what a delightful family. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris