January 1, 2013

On becoming a big girl

I just realized Lily got new skinny jeans, Tom's, and vests for Christmas, along with nail polish and a pink Guitar. Where are the Barbies? The baby dolls? Where is my baby?

In all actuality, Lily is still very much a little girl. Her innocent mind is so wonderful and amazing to me. She really is so pure. She watches Disney movies with her brother and still plays pretend and stuffed animals. She is very much a young child. She did get lots of clothes, and while she is a mini-fashionista (unlike her mother, ahem), she still is a tom boy and is often concerned with catching snails or trekking about the yard in her boots searching for treasure. And she has the kindest heart, she is never mean or spiteful. She has lied a handful of times in her life, and it was always silly, to stay out of what she thought was trouble.

However, in looking at those Christmas gifts, which are all well and good (and she did get some Legos by the way too), I feel scared. I'm kind of thankful now that we only have one girl. Little girls are just so precious and you have to protect them from so much that can happen. I feel like Lily is on the cusp of going from a true little girl to a big girl, and that time will start to quickly fly by. I don't know how my mother survived through three! I will be an absolute wreck when she goes shopping with friends for the first time, goes to a school dance, and goes on her first date. Shane will be either following them in the Superior van or cleaning his guns that night, take your pick. But wow, children really do grow up fast.

9 years ago today, I took a pregnancy test, and I found out there was a little bean growing inside me. 9 years ago today, I first became a mommy. She has shaped me into who I am today, and I can only hope that me and her dad make her proud and raise her right and protect her from harm as she becomes "a big girl." xoxo to my sweet, amazing, favorite daughter.

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