June 29, 2012

An Update on Life in General

Honestly, I've just been enjoying my life too much to blog. I will try to update as best I can.

Lily finished up first grade, and summer officially started. We kicked off summer by visiting Panama City Beach for a week. The kids had an absolute blast at the beach and the pool. It was a really relaxing vacation, and I actually felt great with the breeze from the beach. I'm not sure that we'll visit Panama City again next year. There are lots of other places we want to try, and it was quite crowded, but it was still a good experience. We found this great hole in the wall fish market called Buddy's. They had the best steamed shrimp and cheesy red potatoes. Omgoodness. We all came back extremely tan too, which was a nice bonus. And we didn't burn!

The day we got back, we drove up to Gwinnett Place Mall and went to Shane's brother's engagement party at a place called "Purple Rain." It was a traditional Indian engagement party. It was very neat, and the food was spicy but good! It was really nice to have a date night as well. I had a good excuse to wear a cute new maternity maxi dress. I adore Shane's brother's fiance, and I am glad she will be part of the family.

Once we got home, we made a surprise purchase-a new puppy! Yes, we are slightly insane. We now have a 14 week old Rottweiler puppy named Duke. We are still working on potty training, and we need to get him enrolled in an obedience class. The kids love him, and Oscar and him have already become the best of friends, even though they drive me crazy sometimes. He sleeps in his crate a night and seems to like it, which is a good sign. The first night was a bit rough. My main thing regarding Duke is that he not only become a beloved member of the family, but being such a big dog, he must, must, must be extremely obedient and well mannered. Shane and I have plenty of work ahead of us.

Lily just got back from a week long trip to stay with my dad in New Jersey. Parker and I missed her terribly. She had so much fun with my stepsister, Victoria, and my sister Lacey. They visited the pool, did lots of shopping, and went to see Madagascar 3. My dad flew her home yesterday, and he stayed with us and left this morning. It's always fun for him to come in town, and he surprised me by telling me he would be back for my birthday.

Parker turned two yesterday! Can you even believe it? He is loving scooting around on his new Radio Flyer Scooter! Thank goodness for hardwood floors because it has been over 100 outside today. We took him to Mellow Mushroom last night, and then we bought a bunch of cupcakes from the Flour Child Bakery. My big boy is talking like a little man, but he still has no interest in the potty. He's been off the boob for almost 3 months, and if I think about him nursing now, it seems almost funny! (But of course I would have still done it.) He gives my belly a kiss and says there is a baby in there, so we will see how well everything goes in the upcoming months. I think he will eventually be a great big brother.

What else... I'm thinking of random things. I'm 32 weeks...my c-section is scheduled for August 15th at 10 am. Our chickens still aren't laying eggs, but we are hoping in a few more weeks. We have two new pet turtles in an aquarium. Our garden has been fairly neglected, and the heat is killing off our plants. Parker attended his first Vacation Bible School last week, and he had fun! Shane and I totally took advantage of three nights with no kids. We ate out every night and went shopping.

Hopefully I will be back sooner rather than later!

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