July 2, 2012

A Note on Not Knowing

I can't believe that in about 6 weeks, I will finally find out who's hiding in my belly. I love all the people who, with 100% confidence, tell me if I'm having a boy or a girl. My dad says girl, my mom says boy, all the ladies at the nail salon say boy, Shane's aunt and uncle say girl, you get the picture. Sadly, I really have no clue myself. Shane and I have pretty much decided on both a boy name and a girl name. Sometimes I try to change it, but then we take a family vote and we come back to the same name. Lily loves putting her two cents in! I can't reveal the names in total confidence, but I think we are pretty much set. I kind of like keeping the names a secret, but I have already told a handful of people, so they aren't really a secret. Can I tell you some of my favorite names that I really pulled for but got thrown OFF the list? For a boy, Shane vetoed both Sawyer and Wylder. I still love Sawyer, and I tried it again yesterday, but I lost with the democratic vote. I do like our other boy name too, and it goes really well with Lily and Parker. I still have to decide how to spell it though. For a girl, the only other name we BOTH liked was Delaney, which we still like, but Shane likes the other girl name better. For the record, I think girl names are REALLY hard. I love hearing unique girl names!

I've gone 32 weeks and 5 days without knowing. If this had been my first pregnancy, I think it would have been much harder. Pregnancy is measured in weeks, and many of those weeks come with milestones. 14 weeks is the second trimester, 19-20 weeks is the gender ultrasound, anytime after 30 weeks you usually have a baby shower, and then you have to buy everything you didn't get at the said shower. This time around, it's been pretty quiet! If I have a boy, all I'll need to do is open up the storage boxes containing Parker's baby clothes, enough outfits to clothe twins! If I have a girl, then I WILL have to hit up the stores for pretty much all clothes. So, its' been the waiting game for sure. As of now, I have enough newborn clothes to make it through until I am able to drive again. I have tie dyed onesies, and I have some yellow and white things as well. I thought I had purchased a gender neutral coming home outfit from Gymboree, but after a Facebook poll, I am now convinced its rather boyish. Luckily, I have a friend with a baby due in September who IS a boy, and she will be receiving an insanely adorable outfit if my baby is a little lady. And Target is just across the street from the hospital, so hopefully we can trust Shane to pick out a cute newborn pink something.

Nevertheless, I think it will be very exciting for the OB to announce, "It's a....!" I am giddy over meeting my third baby. Most importantly, I have all 36 newborn and small diapers prepped and ready to go! Even though they are all gender neutral, they will just be so insanely adorable (and you can bet I will purchase some bigger pink fluff if I do have a girl. I mean, come on!)

So bear with me, only 6 weeks and 2 days to go.

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