May 13, 2011

Retiring #8

Lily has decided that she will be leaving the Fireballs, her team of three seasons, and she will be moving on to play softball in the fall. I'm really excited for her to play with girls. I hope she'll see how much other girls enjoy it and perhaps enjoy it more. I'm really hoping she'll get to play some other positions. She's really ready to get out of the outfield and play some infield ball.

I'm really going to miss her coaches and lots of the parents who I have become friends with. We really have loved playing ball at Ridge Road, and I'm sure we'll visit often when Shane plays ball there or when Chase's games are there.

I'm so so thrilled that Lily is involved in ball. She has the potential to be absolutely amazing if she works hard and sticks with it. I always wanted to be really good at something, and I think if you start really young, that can happen.

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