May 9, 2011

First Major Punishment

It was bound to happen, but it doesn't make it any easier. Next thing you know, she'll be borrowing my car to drive to see a boy without asking. Not that I EVER did that in high school...

Tonight, I cooked tuna noodle casserole for the first time (it was awful, by the way). We were sitting in the living room while Lily was finishing her dinner. Shane heard Oscar eating something, and he walked in to find Lily standing over Oscar holding her plate.

Shane: "Are you feeding your dinner to Oscar?"
Lily: "No."
Shane: "Lily, are you telling me the truth?"
Lily (deadpan): "Yes. I didn't feed him."

This went on for a few minutes. I could tell immediately that she was lying. Although acting is in her blood, so she may have a future in it if she keeps it up.

Shane: "Lily, you have to tell me the truth."

Lily finally breaks down crying and apologizes. Shane sends her to her room. Oscar licks his chops.

As a result, Lily is grounded until Thursday, which includes no playing outside with friends, having friends over, or playing the Wii. Also, her beloved Polly Pockets are now sitting in my closet.

First real punishment. I remember how AWFUL it was to be punished by my parents. Usually it was no dessert. And it was torture. My parents always guilted me every time I got in trouble. They were so disappointed and sad I still feel guilty alot because of this. Thanks Mom! However, we did go in to Lily's room together and tell her how sad we were when she lied. Hopefully we handled this situation well.

It may be a long couple days for Mommy.

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