February 21, 2011


Lily always says that Chef Boyardee makes her "sick-ish." I couldn't agree more, blech. Anyways, now whenever someone is under the weather around here, they are "sick-ish."

Sadly, my sweet angel P is sick-ish today. It started Saturday morning with the two two hour naps, as he's not a great napper. Then the almost sleeping through the night got me really thinking, I think he woke up once at 4 am. Sunday was a fever of 101.4, a bad cough, a runny nose, and a general lethargic quality about him. Last night, he slept for 11 hours (without eating???! So not P). His eye has gook, for lack of a better word, coming out and it was so bad this morning his eye was crusted shut (hope you're not eating right now!) He's not eating anything but boobie milk, and he really just wants to suck his Wubbanub and swing in his swing. Smiles are few and far between, and he continues to sleep, sleep, sleep.

So, we called the pedi this morning. I'm not one to rush to the DR or the ER, but he may need something. I just can't keep watching him like this.

We go in about 30 minutes. I hope little one feels better soon-a quick beach visit is planned for the weekend!

He mustered up all the good looks he could to take a few shots this morning:

Update: Totally sick-ish, just as we suspected. Upper respiratory infection, which we can't do anything for but Tylenol and pull gook out of his nose. But also-double ear infection. My poor child! Prayers for a quick recovery. First anti-biotics. :(

That is all.

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