February 28, 2011

Back from the Beach!

Parker had his first official vacation (we've done a staycation before, but this was serious road trip time!) We drove to St. Augustine, FL to visit my grandmother, who is recovering from surgery. We also were able to visit the beach, the outlet malls, and the cute town/oldest city in the United States. I got a few good picture. The kids were well behaved, my grandparents were tickled to see them, and of course we ate tons of food. Lily even swam in the ocean in February, but she is crazy!


  1. Callie! I've been trying to get ahold of you- you won a giveaway on my blog last week and I haven't been able to find your email address! Email me at mamamandolin {at} gmail {dot} com so I can send your info to the giveaway sponsor and you can get your prize!

  2. I'll email you right now. I thought I emailed last week...but maybe I didn't.